30 Day Schedule

Over the years we have developed a 30-day schedule for optimum success with partners. Once you have ‘won’ a deal, use the 30-day schedule to set up your service touch points in Pipedrive.

Daily Servicing

You should block time every day to service your partners. Daily servicing will lead to a better experience and a better overall retention rate. Daily tasks should include:

Look for Offers that are Expiring: Make sure you have content live in the app. You can extend offer that expire or reach out to your partners for new offers. You can reference ‘Offer Expiry’.

Review for Offer Quality: Every few days, make a habit of going to GetintheLoop.ca/deals to check your partners offers to make sure they follow image and offer guidelines & best practices. You can refer to Service Best Practices

Pipedrive Service Tasks: Check your pipedrive to see what you have planned for your day.

  • Day 1

    • Deal Won:

      • Subscription - You will receive an email from HQ with the subject “Thanks for subscribing to GetintheLoop!” once the partner completes the Subscription form online.

      • Set the Deal to ‘Won’ in Pipedrive.

    • Onboarding:

      • Ensure all of the contact information is up to date in Pipedrive

        → End Dates, Seasonal, Contesting Ideas

        → People: make sure your contact is added and filled out. Attached to the Organization

    • Setup the Partner on GetintheLoop for Business: As soon as payment has been received, login to GetintheLoop for Business to build the partner profile and create five offers immediately. This way you are effectively taking advantage of the ‘honeymoon’ phase.

      • Create Partner Profile

      • Create a Venue

      • Create a User

    • Welcome Email:

      • Now that you have set up the profile, send your partner a ‘Welcome Email’. This will give the information needed to access to the dashboard and confirms their launch on GetintheLoop.

        → You can reference ‘Partner Onboarding’ in ‘Service Best Practices’

        → This email will also set up your first service touch point to get them launched.

  • Day 2

  • Day 3

    • Social Media:

      • Follow-up with a brief email highlighting key takeaways of the kick off meeting. Encourage them to access our partner resource centre online to find how to’s and best practices.

      • Create a Welcome Post on the Facebook page for your Market.

      • Help your partners see success by following the social media they use, sharing their offers and encouraging them to do the same.

    • Staff Training:

      • We created an email template and there is a Staff training zip file available for download. Go to https://getinthelooplocal.com/service-best-practices to find the staff training materials.

      • Tell the partner to ask their staff to download GetintheLoop.

      • Explain our staff training approach and why it’s important for staff to be aware of GetintheLoop.

    • Offers:

      • Make sure your partner has 5 offers live.

      • Set up the necessary follow-up to do so. Do this by,

        → Sharing Best Practices by Loop

        → Create suggestions for non-exclusive, exclusive, limited use, or experiences. Do this by browsing their website or Facebook page.

  • Ongoing Servicing

    • It will be important to set up your next service activities in Pipedrive. This is for any activities or follow-up you have in between 30-day touch points.

      → Follow-up for offers

      → Checking the quality of offers

      → Offer expiry and more.

  • Day 30

    • Touch base with your partner to share their success from the last 30 days such as,

      → Dashboard Stats

      → Successful Offers

      → Key Insights

      We can also use it as a touch point to suggest switching up offers. This will keep the content fresh and engaging for members.

    • Ask them about their experience thus far. The first 30-day mark is key. You will be able to tell if a partner will be at risk, or if they love GetintheLoop. Once you know, you can set up a plan with them for continued success.

  • Every 30 Days: GetintheLoop recommends you touch base with partners every 30 days. This gives enough time for offers to do well while seeing continued success. We do not want partners to see this as ‘time-consuming’ but rather a brief success highlight and 15-minute offer discussion.

    • Research the events, offers and experiences the partner promotes but has not included on the platform. If you think it’s a great opportunity, ask them to create an offer!

    • Look at their dashboard. If you notice they are not successful or not properly utilizing the platform, encourage them to switch offers up and share the offers on their social platforms. Partner interaction will depend on the business and how engaged they are with the platform.

    • If you notice they are not engaged or the analytics are not doing well, this will be your sign to engage with them to help create success.