Advertising and Promotion

It will be important to budget funds to promote your market as well as the offers of your partners on your social media platform. This is a great way to show you are willing to invest in your partners and work towards success.

GetintheLoop HQ will have master brand accounts for Instagram and Facebook and will set up regional accounts based on regions in the app (eg. GetintheLoop - Edmonton). Franchise owners in these regions will have access to the regional accounts to submit content that will be vetted and approved for posting by GetintheLoop HQ.

All posts will align to our social media standards and guidelines.

  • Instagram (GetintheLoop Branded) - This is a great way to showcase an experience at your partners venue or highlight a great offer through great imagery. Instagram targets a large audience, primarily younger and more engaged than Facebook.

  • Facebook (GetintheLoop Branded) - A great avenue to engage with current partners, GetintheLoop members and new members. Use  a Facebook page to showcase members, local community events, shows support for your community and partners. Through Facebook, you can work with other Facebook groups and pages to promote and form partnerships.  

  • Facebook Advertising (GetintheLoop Branded) - GetintheLoop HQ uses Facebook Business to create and organize a timeline to push out different paid advertising, posts and more. Paid media can be adjusted to target locations, audiences and more to ensure success and create higher engagement.

  • Twitter (Personal Accounts) - This social platform has a high turnover rate for relevancy, but it is a great media outlet to engage in real time with potential members. Twitter allows you to see who is talking about what and where in real time. You can target them by sending relevant information to increase member growth and engagement. GetintheLoop will not set up regional Twitter accounts, but we encourage franchisees to promote content through their personal accounts.

Advertising will be an important part of growing both your partner and member base. Two common best practices GetintheLoop uses for paid advertising include:

  1. Promoting Good Offers through Advertising: When you create relationships with your Business Partners, you can work with them to build engaging anchor offers that resonate with members and potential members. It’s beneficial to promote these strong offers by investing in additional organic and paid advertising.

  2. Community Advertising: GetintheLoop HQ’s Marketing team has found when you market a broader message targeting your community, sign-ups and click-throughs almost double in comparison to promoting a single offer. Therefore this tactic will be important to build awareness in your local market.


Contesting is a great way to highlight your partners and push their brand on social platforms. Contesting leads to a larger regionalized reach/response with members and non-members participating in the contest. Each contest engages with current members and acts as a way to encourage new member sign-ups through current members. You can use social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. 

Refer to the Marketing Toolkit for contesting guidelines and rules to align with provincial regulations.