Bcc Pipedrive 

Pipedrive will link emails you receive from/send to partners with the appropriate Deal and Contact for the organization.

Why is this important?

Linked emails enable any team member to look in Pipedrive and understand all communication between a partner and GetintheLoop. E.g.: Finance needs proof of a campaign completion request from a partner. Finance can navigate to the organization and see all details needed for when the partner sent in the request.

How to set up Email Integration:

Some franchises are owned by one person and some are owned by more than one person.

Step 1: Regardless of the number of owners, one email address is used to login to Pipedrive.  

The person who owns that email must do the set up to integrate emails into Pipedrive. Once your email is integrated,  you can use the Pipedrive Inbox (accessible on the Mail tab) to send email directly from Pipedrive which will automatically link emails to the appropriate deal/contact record.

  • Go to Settings > Customize > Personal > Connections > Email integration.

  • Click the Connect your account button.

  • You will be directed to a new webpage, to provide the login credentials of the account you wish to sync to Pipedrive.

As a side note:  The Pipedrive Inbox allows you track email opens and clicks, make use of customizable templates and customize your signature for a more professional look.

Step 2: If there are Additional Owners, set up Smart BCC: When there are multiple owners, the second and any additional owners must be authorised by the first owner. Once authorised, the additional owners can BCC a custom Pipedrive email address on any partner email and Pipedrive will link the email to the appropriate deal/contact record.

First Owner - One-time authorization:

  1. The first owner must add the additional getintheloop.ca email addresses to Pipedrive. Settings > Customize > Personal > Connections >Smart email BCC address

  2. Scroll down to the Alternative email address for Smart Bcc

  3. Add the getintheloop.ca email address for each additional owner.

  4. The first owner should go to their email and authorize the additional owners. Once added, the first owner will receive an email to authorize the add. Once authorised, the second and any additional owners will be able to copy any email you wish to Pipedrive using the Smart BCC feature.

Additional Owners - One-time Create a Contact record in gmail: