Best Practices by Loop

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The following Best Practices by Loop include tips and tricks as well as great offer ideas for Exclusive offers for each of the loops.

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Food + Drink - Members will look here for the best places to go with friends, family, or on a date night.

Home + Auto - These offers are unique as these services are not needed on a regular basis and so may not be top-of-mind. The best offers are seasonally relevant and help create a sense of urgency.

Salon + Spa - Create offers to attract new clientele, fill appointments and cancellations as well as highlight unique services.

Shopping - Create offers to drive traffic to online sales, clearance, new arrivals, larger purchases and more.

Shopping Centre - This page describes the best practices for engaging with the shopping centre marketing group.

Sports + Fitness - Encourage family-friendly offers vs singles offers; from low price-points to VIP experiences.

Things to Do - Looking for opportunities for partners to add offers to Things to Do gets member to see the app as a way to see what is happening in their community.

Travel - Create offers to compel members to book travel during slower months, fill cancellations, or stay longer.