Matt Crowell Featured on The Restless Podcast


Our Founder and CEO, Matt Crowell, sat down with Raffaello and Jonah of The Restless Podcast to discuss investors, mentorship, and the growth story of GetintheLoop.

Matt made it clear that the importance of teamwork is huge at GetintheLoop. Not just within the core HQ employees, but with franchisees, investors, and mentors as well.

When asked about pitching to investors, one of Matt’s biggest pieces of advice was to look for people who actually care about your company and your business. In addition, he recommended to ensure you’re the one controlling the narrative. Failing to do so can result in your businesses being controlled by a model that your investors came up with.

To hear the rest of Matt’s tips on pitching to investors and the importance of having mentors, listen to the rest of the podcast below.