State, Story, Strategy: one franchisee’s business principle that has driven his success


Dale Jacobs is one of GetintheLoop’s newest Local team members, having operated his franchise for a little over a month now. He initially heard about GetintheLoop when one of his friends posted an offer on Facebook and it piqued his interest, and before he knew it, he was on GetintheLoop’s website, learning more about local franchise opportunities.

For Dale, it was the fact that GetintheLoop was both digital and mobile that really got him excited. Having run his own successful business, Prairie Supply Co. for 10 years, he knew a good opportunity when he saw one, and at the time, there was nothing like GetintheLoop for local business owners in Dauphin.

“When I first saw GetintheLoop it sparked my interest as a business owner,” he said. “I was looking at it from that angle, knowing it was a tool that would be really useful in my own business. Then I started to think, well if I like this, and see the benefit of it to my business, it’s highly likely that other local businesses will too.”


Being an astute business owner, Dale knew there were lots of apps out there, so his initial due diligence was in making sure that this was a unique product, as well as a good fit for the Dauphin business community. And it was. “I believed in the program and what it could do to add value to local businesses here in Dauphin.” he says.

Dale believed that GetintheLoop checked all the boxes for a potential franchise opportunity. Not only were the costs of buying the franchise and the franchise rates affordable, but the success of the business was going to be relative to the effort that Dale put in - something that was extremely attractive to him. Dale started Prairie Supply Co. with just 2 boxes of shoes, and ten years later he has multiple locations and it’s grown into a steady business. So he was not afraid of a bit of hard work.

With the confidence to make the Dauphin GetintheLoop franchise a success, he signed the paperwork and dived in head-first joined by GetintheLoop team members Nick and Brennan for four days of intense training and launching Dale’s business.

Two days of classroom-style learning were followed by a couple of days of practical experience, hitting the streets - something Dale thrives at. “I learned so much in those few days! We were submerged into the Dauphin market so we quickly got a feel for each other, and for the market we were going into.” In fact, during this week Dale, with Nick and Brennan’s help signed up ten accounts while also creating a buzz in the market for future partnerships.

“You have to embrace it when you commit to something like this. It’s like jumping off a diving board - there’s no going back, and you have to give it 100%. As every business owner knows, that’s the key to success.”


One of the things that Dale was most impressed about with GetintheLoop was that all of the systems needed to run the business are already in place. While many new business owners have to “wing it” until they figure it out, it’s not the case with GetintheLoop. The processes are tried and tested.

Dale believes that one of the biggest factors in the success of the Dauphin GetintheLoop franchise—which has seen 29 businesses come on board in the first 5 weeks—is that it’s a local person just like them running it. “I like to spend time interacting with business owners and building relationships with them. When they see that we are all in this together locally, as a community, all striving for success, and I genuinely want to help the community—my community—succeed, they tend to be much more open to discussions. It’s about conversing. Not pitching.”

Dale runs his business with the same guiding principles that he runs his life. He says that while rules can be stretched or broken, principles are to live by, and his is “State-Story-Strategy”. He believes that the state you are in when you start your day is going to guide the story of your day - whether positive or negative. The strategy then is how you process that information and make your day what you want. If you work on yourself first you will go into your day with a positive head on your shoulders. He understands, however, that positivity isn’t something you can generate 100% of the time. “I know that it isn’t possible to turn negatives into positives every single day, therefore I allow myself one day a business week that can be considered a loss, but the other 4 business days in the week are mine to win. If you’re experiencing bad days more than that, you’ve got no one to blame but yourself. Life is what you make of it.”