GetintheLoop franchise brings family closer together


Adam Emanuel gave his dad, David, an early Father’s Day present in March by becoming a GetintheLoop Local franchisee in Vaughan, Ont.

The gift definitely had an element of surprise to it. David became intrigued by the franchise opportunity late in 2018, but he was only interested in pursuing it if his son would come on as a partner. Emanuel, however, had his reservations.

He was content with his position as a crossfit coach/personal trainer and wasn’t sure why an app company would need his assistance to market its platform. The guiding factor that initially sold Emanuel was a pitch that hit close to home.

“The way my dad really sold me on it was that it was an opportunity to be in business together as a family,” Emanuel said. “It seemed like it would be great to run this as a family business and manage things together.”

While Emanuel has become the leading force behind the franchise, he has been pleased to work directly alongside his family: his mom and dad have supported him and his brother and sister-in-law are soon to join the fold.

The family connection doesn’t end there, though.

Emanuel has found that not only has he been welcomed on as a GetintheLoop Local team member, but as an extended family member. He said the family vibes originated right at the top from GetintheLoop CEO Matt Crowell.

“I’ve never been a franchisee or part of a big company before. I never expected Matt to be so welcoming and engaging to those of us who are, technically speaking, so far below him in the food chain,” Emanuel said. “In terms of the GetintheLoop ‘Wolfpack’ community, I actually do feel really connected. Just the mere fact that Matty and the head office staff work as a cohesive unit as opposed to a food chain structure is really awesome and really makes you feel welcome.

“The person I’ve contacted the most has been Chrissie Rozak (GetintheLoop Local franchisee in Airdrie). We’ve gone back and forth, bouncing ideas off each other. I’ve never spoken to her with my voice before, but I feel like I have an actual relationship with her - that’s she’s my friend.”

When asked when this sense of inclusiveness began, Emanuel pointed to his initial training through Loop University. He said it was an “amazing experience” taking part in the classroom sessions and listening to GetintheLoop staff members walk franchisees through the ins and outs of the platform.

“I learned about GetintheLoop and how it can help businesses. Being a franchise owner is not just a way to make money, but a way to actually help people as well,” Emanuel said. “It was great to hear people at that level explain their product and realize that we’re going to be able to potentially explain it as well as they do one day.”

Emanuel also formed a solid connection early on with his market development manager, Daniel Andrews, who helped him focus on how to sell the platform in his market through prospecting, cold calls and sales meetings.


“When Dan visited my market, it was the most fun I’ve actually had so far with GetintheLoop,” Emanuel said. “Dan is someone who’s experienced and knows the product backwards and forwards.”

Despite the solid field training Emanuel received, he was admittedly nervous during his first solo sales call, which was with Bobby's Liquidation Outlet in Thornhill, Ont.. He loved the sales aspect of being a personal trainer and was looking forward to connecting businesses with the GetintheLoop platform, but that didn’t stop a few butterflies from fluttering to the surface.

It turned out that Emanuel had the wings and was ready to fly,

“It ended up being a pretty easy sale. I had spoken with the owner briefly beforehand, but then I went in and I just spoke to him about the platform,” Emanuel said.

“Once I had that little experience of my own, I was pretty confident about what I was going to say and then the ball was rolling. It’s just been getting better and better.”

Emanuel has indeed progressed at a rapid rate since his franchise launched; he has signed up over 20 business partners so far. This success led him to recently take on another franchise in North York, an administrative division in Toronto.

“The decision to eventually take on multiple franchises was made when we first joined GetintheLoop,” Emanuel said. “My dad doesn’t look at something as a piece of the cake; he looks at it as a very big portion. We’re looking to expand into three, four or maybe even five different regions.”

Emanuel is shooting for the stars when it comes to his future GetintheLoop plans. To meet the needs of multiple markets, he plans to maintain the solid work ethic he has established.

As a GetintheLoop Local team member, Emanuel enjoys having the ability to customize his work schedule to operate at a high level of efficiency. Emanuel sometimes works outside traditional work hours, which allows him to still hit the gym for an afternoon workout.

“The keys to our success is not that we’re always thinking about GetintheLoop, but it’s always there.” Emanuel said. “We’re not just going to shut our brains off from work just because the clock struck five.”

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