The Best Part of my GetintheLoop Local Franchisee Experience

There are many reasons that our GetintheLoop Local team members have fallen in love with their new franchise, such as the ability to connect with local businesses in their communities; customize their work schedules to achieves success; be part of a growing and dynamic team; and help deliver Canada’s leading mobile marketing platform.

We chatted with some of our franchisees and asked them about the X factor that has made their GetintheLoop Local experience stand out.

Chrissie Rozak (Airdrie & Okotoks Alberta): Lighting the entrepreneurial flame


“The experience has been nothing like what I expected, in a good way. It’s really ignited a fire and a passion and a fuel for entrepreneurship that I never knew existed.

“In that respect, I’m so thrilled that my husband and I took this leap and took this chance because I am addicted to selling: the thrill of getting a business to say ‘yes’. When you walk into a room and say ‘I’m Chrissie from GetintheLoop’ and they say ‘We know who you are.’

“It’s insane..  it’s literally insane. It’s such a rush and such a thrilling feeling.”

Adam Emanuel (Vaughan & North York, Ontario): Being embraced by the GetintheLoop family


“I’ve never been a franchisee or really part of a big company before. I never really expected Matt Crowell (GetintheLoop CEO) to be so welcoming and actually engaging with people that are, technically speaking, so far below him in the food chain. 

“Just the mere fact that GetintheLoop as a head office and Matty -- the way you guys work as a cohesive unit as opposed to a food chain is really awesome to us and really makes us feel welcome.

“The person that I’ve contacted the most has been Chrissie Rozak (GetintheLoop Local franchisee in Airdrie, Alberta). I’ve had a few conversations back and forth, bouncing ideas off each other and just letting each other know either what apps we’re using or programs we’re using to make our social media. I’ve never spoken to her with my voice before, but I feel like I have an actual relationship with her… that she’s my friend.”

Kelsi Barclay (Calgary, Alberta): Discovering local treasures and putting them on the map

Kelsi Barclay.gif

“You pick an area and you’re just going door to door to door. It has been astonishing to me that I have lived in this city for almost seven years and there is so much that I have not seen. 

“I’ll pick an area because I’m like, ‘oh, there's a really cool shop in that area that I’ve been to’, but then I spend an hour going door to door and I’m just astounded by how many incredible business owners there are in this city. Each one of them is unique and each one of them has a different story and a reason why they started what they did. Sitting down and talking to these people has been such a blessing to me.

“You just don’t realize what’s in your own backyard until you start to look for it. I don’t expect every person in the city to make the time or even have the time if they wanted to go door to door to door in a community.

“The fact that I’m able to do that legwork and put all that information into a convenient place for Calgarians to see makes me feel excited to get up every day.”

Dale Jacobs (Dauphin, Manitoba): Providing businesses with local representation


“The more you interact with business owners, the more you do develop a relationship with them where you genuinely want to help them. You do see their struggles.

“I can come from being on the other side of the table. A lot of people over the years have tried to pitch me something. Sometimes I’ve said ‘ok’ and it hasn’t panned out because the commitment of the person I bought it from wasn’t there, or maybe the head office was far away and there was no local representation.

“Really, you are not only representing yourself but your partners who you sign on. These people put in a lot of work. I relate with business owners. I am one. It’s a different breed. These people don’t work Monday to Friday; they could work Saturday morning or Sunday afternoon. You’re helping people out. You realize locally you’re all in this together.”

Jim Allison (Moncton, New Brunswick & Halifax, Nova Scotia): Reconnecting with entrepreneurial roots


“Before I joined the construction company in Halifax, I was an entrepreneur myself and I had my own businesses. 

“I kind of knew what would attract me and it didn’t take me long once I heard about GetintheLoop and how the platform worked to say ‘geez that business makes a lot of sense to me going on 60 years old. That would be pretty good and I think I can utilize my contacts’.

“The experience has been five star. The head office is fantastic. It doesn’t take anybody any length of time to answer a question or get back to you. I learn everyday with this business, which is my goal.”