For local owner Dodie Deets, business is personal


Dodie Deets has enjoyed shedding a spotlight on Moose Jaw’s business scene as a GetintheLoop local owner. 

Local team members like Dodie connect businesses to GetintheLoop, Canada’s leading mobile offers platform, but also have the opportunity to profile these businesses through Partner Spotlight features

Dodie has made it her mission to personally sit down with as many business partners as possible to learn their story; she has completed more than ten profiles so far and has no plans to slow down.

“I sat down with my first business partner the other day for a profile and the conversation was probably two hours long because we got off topic -- I don’t know how many times,” Dodie said with a laugh. 

“Prior to beginning the Partner Spotlight process, I asked another local team member what type of feedback she had received. She had emailed her questions out to partners and only heard back from a couple of them. I felt it would be more personable if I sat down with my partners; it’s all about building relationships.”

Dodie’s personal connection philosophy has certainly resonated with local business owners in Moose Jaw and helped her enjoy tremendous success since she started her GetintheLoop Local journey in June of 2019. She has signed on 19 partners so far in a wide-range of areas: restaurants, spas, night clubs, department stores, car dealerships and more.


“I used to work at a radio station in the sales department, and I noticed there were people who would introduce themselves to clients and never follow up,” Dodie said. “Following up is a key I swear by. 

“Another important thing for me is to do one more sales call before I go home; I call them drive bys. I could be driving by a business that I never thought of and I say “one more, just this one more.” I have a goal and I just aim for it every day.”

Prior to joining GetintheLoop, Dodie was a corporate employee with a direct sales company and worked a lot with home-based businesses. She focused on building teams, finding prospects and turning them into customers, and training/developing top leaders and sales-minded individuals. After the company’s Canadian office was closed down in January, Dodie began exploring other opportunities and came across GetintheLoop Local on a cold winter day. 

She thought it would be a great opportunity to become her own boss and continue working with businesses to help them achieve success. She chatted with business owners in Moose Jaw and determined there was a definite interest in GetintheLoop. She also talked with other GetintheLoop team members about their experiences. This process gave her confidence about pursuing the franchise opportunity.

As someone who has travelled throughout Canada for work, Dodie was also sold on GetintheLoop on a personal level.

“When I would travel, I would be like, ‘where’s the gym I can go to? Where should I eat? Where should I stay? What’s going on in the community?’ ” Dodie said. “I’d be there for four or five days and I don’t like sitting still; I want to go and experience the area.”

Dodie feels that the training she received through Loop University helped her begin her franchise experience on the right foot. She said that Brennan Reidy, her Market Development Manager, did a great job of relaying a large amount of information in a way that made sense. She loved having support in signing up her first two business partners: The Crushed Can and Cask 82.


Since her training ended, Dodie has hit the ground running. She enjoys having the ability to structure her workday and connect businesses in Moose Jaw with a platform that allows them to compete in today’s digital marketplace.

“I think you have to have the confidence to go out there and sell yourself,” Dodie said. “There are so many ways to market yourself out there right now; Facebook has such a broad audience and radio is hit-and-miss because there are so many different stations.

“People love being on their cell phones. With GetintheLoop, all of these businesses are in one place and you don’t need to download four or five different apps. We know a lot of people are shopping online, so why not deliver offers right to their fingertips? I love to keep things local.”

Start your own journey with GetintheLoop Local by exploring a franchise opportunity in your market. Explore the top five reasons that you should buy a franchise and get in touch with our franchise team to start the conversation.