Why those looking for a career change may find their answer in owning a digital franchise like GetintheLoop Local

When you’re looking for that perfect job, it seems the search is always on. One survey has found that an average person will change jobs 12 times during his or her career. And if someone isn’t changing jobs at the moment, you can bet they’re thinking about it. TopResume.com notes that more than half of people who are currently employed are considering a new job.

Many dissatisfied employees share a similar thought process: “my ideal job is out there and I just have to keep looking.” There is, realistically, a great fit out there for every employee, but the problem is that many of us are looking for our dream jobs in the wrong places. 

If you’re still searching for the perfect job, now is the time to explore the idea of purchasing a digital franchise. 

Digital franchising is considered to be the new frontier of franchising. This model gives franchise owners access to a company’s digital technology and the ability to market this platform in their marketplace. The platform being marketed is usually aimed at helping businesses increase their efficiency in areas such as marketing, scheduling or keeping inventory.

The digital franchise system could be a breath of fresh air for any job seeker who is tired of jumping from job to job in search of a fit. 

The problem with traditional jobs

As the numbers showcase, people are dissatisfied with their current jobs and are seeking new opportunities at every turn. It’s worth examining why the traditional job model has failed so many people. 

A key reason is the structure of a typical job. A company with a job opening is looking to hire an employee that will fulfill the specific requirements of that position. The requirements of the  employee being hired, therefore, are not exactly top of mind.

While job seekers will apply for positions in areas that interest them, employers still have considerable control over their work lives by determining:

  • The amount of money they earn

  • How many hours they work

  • What location they work from

  • What their day-to-day priorities are

  • How they should structure their work day

In the end, you are applying for a position that was created for the company, not for you.

The traditional franchise or entrepreneurship model provides more freedom, with some limitations

It makes sense that employees who aren’t content with the jobs on the market would look to take control of their own work life.

Entrepreneurship provides the greatest opportunity for people to become their own bosses. When you launch a business, you have created your a position for yourself and can structure your workday. You have the freedom to hire employees to help drive your vision forward.

Unfortunately, launching a business is not always an easy feat. You need to have a unique idea for a product or service that will meet the needs in your market. A new business also requires a large amount of start-up money. Once your open your business, it can take years of non-stop work before you earn a profit.

Becoming the owner of a traditional franchise in your market - such as a restaurant, gym or salon -- is another way to become your own boss. Some of the risk factors associated with entrepreneurship are removed because you’ll be associated with a franchise brand that is likely well-known.

One of the setbacks is that there are some high costs associated with traditional franchises, from franchise fees to the cost of constructing your building to hiring employees. While you are the boss of your franchise, your day-to-day work life is still structured in the sense that your hours of operation will have to be consistent with other franchises.

A digital franchise is the ultimate solution

The digital franchise experience provides the best of both worlds when it comes to entrepreneurship and the traditional franchise model.

As a digital franchisee, you can approach your business venture with confidence based on the knowledge that you’re working in the digital industry. Society is riding a digital wave; there are more than four billion internet users worldwide and today’s consumers are always connected through their mobile devices.

Businesses are looking to reach customers on the mobile devices they spend so much time on. Mobile advertising, in particular, is skyrocketing and is expected to continue experiencing the greatest growth across all digital platforms. 

The way a digital franchise is structured is very appealing. Since the franchise model is mobile by nature, you’re not tied down by some of the restrictions of a traditional franchise model: you won’t need to purchase retail space for your franchise, buy expensive equipment or hire employees. 

As a digital franchisee, you have the freedom to customize your work schedule to help you achieve success. Everyone has their own creative process for getting the job done. Instead of following the typical 9-to-5 model, it might work better for you to start work a bit earlier or get some work done in the evening. 

Becoming the owner of a digital franchise is a great opportunity for you to make an impact in your community. You will be helping to connect local businesses to a new digital technology that will make a positive impact on their bottom line.


GetintheLoop Local could be the perfect digital franchise opportunity for you

GetintheLoop launched its franchise program -- GetintheLoop Local -- in early 2018. Our franchise owners connect businesses in different Canadian markets to our leading mobile offers platform.

GetintheLoop Local is Canada’s fastest growing franchise and there are exciting opportunities for franchise owners looking to operate out of territories in major metropolitan cities or small- to mid-size markets.

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