Strength of GetintheLoop platform sold local owners in Prince George


After trying to sort through all the sponsored content cluttering his social media feeds, Dustin Woodbeck felt there had to be a better way for businesses to promote themselves.

“I noticed that many businesses were using Facebook and Instagram as a marketing tool and they don’t seem like the platforms for that; they’re places you go to see what your friends are up to or get information on an event,” Dustin said. “I was thinking, ‘Why isn’t there a platform exclusively for businesses to go and market their services or products?’ ”

When a friend informed Dustin about GetintheLoop, Canada’s leading mobile offers platform that gives businesses the ability to do just that, he felt that it was fate. Dustin showed the platform to his wife, Marianne, and they both felt a strong desire to get involved through GetintheLoop Local. The Woodbecks became local owners in Prince George, BC, on June 26, 2019.

“We thought GetintheLoop would be great for Prince George because we’re a growing economy,” Dustin said. “People are travelling downtown more often and there’s a lot more community engagement and involvement, so the market is kind of growing in that sense. 

“I feel that everyone is gearing more toward digital marketing where offers can be tracked and the analytical data can be looked at. It’s more intuitive to the member experience and helps the scrollers see what’s going on in town.”

The process of launching a business was a new experience for the Woodbecks. The training they received through Loop University helped slow things down and enabled them to become more comfortable with the process.

It was then time for the local owners to hit the pavement and start connecting businesses with GetintheLoop’s platform. Their first partner sign-up, Trench Brewery & Distilling, was a memorable one for them. The connection happened during the third meeting with the brewery.


“I was actually able to have a beer with one of the owners, listen to her marketing goals and learn more about her business. Then we were able to talk more in depth about GetintheLoop,” Dustin said.

“She said, ‘This sounds awesome; let’s sign up right now.’ I was just blown away. It was crazy. I was a little overwhelmed. Trench Brewery is still a partner of ours today and their offers are doing really great, so it’s been great for both of us.”

Dustin said the initial sign-up taught his wife and him about the importance of making personal connections with businesses, which has helped them in the long run.

“When you’re able to sit down and talk with someone on a personal level and get to know them, you can make a stronger connection that way,” Dustin said. “The most rewarding part about being a local owner is meeting local business owners and finding out what they’re passionate about.”

This philosophy has helped the Woodbecks connect some great businesses in Prince George to GetintheLoop, including the Prince George Cougars of the Western Hockey League. The Woodbecks have been able to shed light on some amazing local businesses in the city, not only brick and mortar, but also home-based businesses.

By teaming up together as local owners, Dustin and Marianne have been able to put forward their best effort while they each work other jobs. Dustin is a utility floater (fiberline) with Canfor and Marianne is a kinesiologist with CBI Health Group. Dustin handles a lot of the GetintheLoop sales, while Marianne focuses on the service side. 

The Woodbecks have big plans for their business going forward.

“We want to attract more members to the platform in Prince George and engage with the community by taking part in events,” Dustin said. “We’re looking to connect rural consumers to the platform so they can make the most out of their shopping trips to Prince George.”

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