Why partnering on a GetintheLoop franchise might be a great idea for you

While GetintheLoop Local attracts many talented solo entrepreneurs, some entrepreneurs have decided to take part in this exciting journey with a partner at their side, teaming up with family or friends to connect businesses to Canada’s leading mobile offers platform.

GetintheLoop recently sat down with three of our diverse groups of local owners, who talked about their experiences and shared their tips for working together effectively.

Iftekhar Ahmed & Caitlin MacLachlan: Joining Hands in Franchising

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Married couple Iftekhar Ahmed and Caitlin MacLachlan fell in love with the idea of becoming GetintheLoop Local owners together. They started their journey as local owners in the Halifax, NS, market in April of 2019.

The couple was looking for a professional venture they could call their own and GetintheLoop Local checked off all the boxes. After several years of being employed by one company, Ahmed was looking to spend his spare time making his own business successful. MacLachlan had spent a couple years at home with the kids and was looking for a flexible business opportunity she could run with.

“Even if the business was only in one person’s name, as a couple you kind of do things together,” MacLachlan said. “Even if he was the one doing most of the work for the business, I’d want to provide my input as a life partner, not just a business partner.”

A key to the couple’s success has been playing to each other’s strengths. Since Ahmed has a sales background, he mainly meets with businesses and explains the benefits of joining GetintheLoop. MacLachlan provides customer service to their business partners. She loves tackling creative projects, from creating social media content to crafting offers for business partners.

“We work pretty well together,” MacLachlan said. “I know that husbands and wives working together can not go well, but so far it’s actually been pretty successful. 

“I think we appreciate that sometimes we see things from different angles and we definitely have different opinions once in a while. We both respect and value each other’s opinions enough that even when we disagree, we see the value in what the other person is saying and we see where they’re coming from -- we just happen to disagree or decide to take a different path.”

Nate Ouellette (left) & Sean Robertson: Franchising With the Help of a Friend


Nate Ouellette and Sean Robertson were friends for several years before they pursued a GetintheLoop Local franchise. The friends have been local owners in Fort McMurray, AB, since September of 2018.

They have effectively utilized a buddy system to keep their operation running smoothly. The friends work different shifts, which provides them with increased flexibility. They each bring unique skills to the table: Robertson focuses on the back-end of business operations while Ouellette thrives at the technical aspects.

“We compliment each other well, which is why it made sense for us to partner up,” Robertson said. “There’s definitely been some peaks and valleys, but when one of us is feeling low, the other one can pick them up.”

The friends have enjoyed their GetintheLoop Local journey and appreciate that they’ve been able to experience it together.

“It has been cool to have success and share it with someone you know,” Robertson said. “It’s been a lot of fun.”

One of the keys to Robertson and Ouellette finding success as joint business operators is that they spent time evaluating who they’d be working alongside before deciding to take the leap. 

“You need to take an honest look at what your strengths and weaknesses are and try to find someone who compliments them,” Robertson said. “Make sure you have a great and open relationship so you are both entering the business with the same mindset.”

Adam (left), David (right) and Susan Emanuel (not pictured) - All-in-the-Family Franchising 


David Emanuel became intrigued by GetintheLoop Local late in 2018, but was only interested in pursuing the franchise opportunity if his son, Adam, would come on as a partner. Though Adam was content with his current position at the time, he decided to take the leap so that he could work alongside his father. 

The Emanuels are local owners in Vaughan and North York, ON. Adam handles a lot of the day-to-day tasks such as reaching out to prospective business partners and providing customer service. He receives support from his father on larger partnerships and event planning. Adam’s mother, Susan, helps by making cold calls, doing customer drop-ins and providing overall support. 

Adam said the key to the family’s success has been “understanding their strengths and prioritizing their tasks accordingly.” He noted that the experience has helped him forge a stronger bond with his father, in particular. 

“It’s been a pretty cool relationship builder between me and my dad… learning how to be a businessman through my dad and learning how to do sales through my dad and directing any questions I have to him. 

“It’s been a really cool way to reintroduce myself to my dad because he’s always been like the father figure: getting me in trouble or punishing me right through high school. Now that I’m sort of his business partner, it’s a whole different outlook on who he is. It’s a different relationship and I’m really liking it a lot, that’s for sure.”

If you’ve been looking for a low-cost, high potential digital franchise opportunity, look no further than GetintheLoop Local. Get in touch with our franchise team to start the conversation.