Top 5 Signs Your Community Needs a Digital Marketplace


GetintheLoop Local owners connect businesses in their communities to Canada’s leading mobile offers platform, creating a digital marketplace for smartphone shoppers. One factor entrepreneurs take into consideration when exploring the opportunity to become a local owner is whether or not their community needs a digital marketplace:

Here are five signs to look for in your community:

1) Diverse Selection of Quality Businesses

A digital marketplace needs to include a great selection of businesses from numerous categories to ensure a quality shopping experience for customers. Some of the popular categories on GetintheLoop’s platform are Food + Drink; Salon + Spa; Things to Do; Health + Fitness; and Shopping. If your community is home to many quality businesses in these categories, including them on a digital marketplace would provide value to consumers. 

2) Great Independent Shops With no Digital Presence

The lack of a digital presence can prevent independently owned businesses from attracting new customers, even if they offer a unique product, service or experience. If there are many independent businesses in your community facing this situation, they would embrace the opportunity to sign on to GetintheLoop as it’s a highly effective and affordable mobile advertising option.

3) Businesses Invest in Advertising

If businesses in your community market themselves through billboards, radio ads, social media, etc., it showcases they are willing to invest in advertising. Businesses are always looking for more efficient ways to advertise, especially in today’s digital society. GetintheLoop is more affordable than traditional advertising options and more effective in reaching mobile customers. 

4) Shop Local Movement is Thriving

As GetintheLoop helps businesses reach local customers through mobile offers, the platform will be most effective in communities where people are passionate about supporting local businesses. As a local owner, you could also help fuel the shop local movement in your community by connecting local businesses to the platform and raising awareness amongst consumers.

5) Active Smartphone Usage

Keep your eyes open when you’re out in the community to see if people are active on their phones, especially while they’re in stores or shopping centres. A thriving digital marketplace requires lots of customers. A high number of smartphone users in your community should equal a healthy GetintheLoop membership base.

If all the signs point toward your community being ready for a digital marketplace, let’s connect to discuss bringing GetintheLoop to your community as a local owner. Get in touch with our franchise team to talk about taking the next step