Top 5 Signs You’re Ready for a Digital Franchise Opportunity


If you’re still looking for that perfect career, then it could be the perfect opportunity for you to become a digital franchise owner. Digital franchising is considered to be the new frontier of franchising

Here are five signs that indicate your ready to take the leap:

1) You’re not content with your current job

Are you finding it difficult to feel that Monday Motivation at your current job? Many people who work traditional jobs struggle to embrace their workday because of the repetitive nature and limited room for creativity. notes that more than half of people who are currently employed are considering a new job. If you’re unsatisfied with your job and are uninspired by traditional job listings you’ve browsed, it’s time for you to pursue a more meaningful career like owning a digital franchise.

2) You have an entrepreneurial spirit

From your earliest days of childhood when you ran a lemonade stand, you’ve been enthralled by the idea of owning your own business and having skin in the game. While your career may have steered in another direction initially, you’ve never given up on your entrepreneurial dream. If you’re excited about the opportunity to become your own boss and you embrace the challenges of working hard to grow your business, then you’re a great candidate to become a digital franchise owner.

3) You can’t afford a brick-and-mortar franchise

To purchase a traditional franchise in Canada - with a physical location - you have to be prepared to make a total initial investment from between $150,000 and $200,000. If you’re looking to become a franchise owner but can’t afford that price tag, then digital franchise ownership is a logical path for you to consider. The financial investment is significantly lower because you don’t have to purchase a brick-and-mortar location or hire staff members.

4) You embrace digital technology

Society is riding a digital wave. Reports indicate there are more than one million new internet users every day. A perfect candidate for a digital franchise is someone who understands the positive impact digital technology can have in the business world, from creating sophisticated scheduling software to establishing digital shopping marketplaces. If you’re passionate about digital technology, it makes sense for you to pursue a career where you can connect clients to quality solutions.

5) You work best when you customize your own schedule

When you work a traditional 9-to-5 job, your daily schedule is largely controlled by the company you work for. Traditional franchise owners need to operate business hours that are consistent with other locations. If you’re looking to take control of your workday schedule, you’ll find a greater freedom as a digital franchise owner. Since you’re working for yourself and don’t need to operate traditional office hours, you can schedule your tasks accordingly to achieve success.

If the signs indicate you’re a great candidate to own a digital franchise, explore the opportunity to become the next member of Canada’s fastest growing franchise, GetintheLoop Local.

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Check out the top five reasons that you should buy a franchise and get in touch with our franchise team to start the conversation.