GetintheLoop Local a rewarding joint venture for father and son


GetintheLoop Local has given Murray Lengyel and his son, Glen, something they spent years looking for: the opportunity to work together.

Murray and Glen became local owners in Lethbridge, AB, on June 12, 2019, and have had an enjoyable experience working together to connect businesses in the city to Canada’s leading mobile offers platform.

“I really enjoy interacting with my son,” Murray said. “We enjoy each other’s company and we rub off on each other. In the world of business, we’re much more colleagues than we are a father and son; I appreciate the skills and strengths he brings and I think it’s mutual.”

Glen said that it has been a “very positive experience” working with his father. He originally planned to follow in his father’s footsteps by becoming a physical therapist; Murray spent 30 years in health care, primarily in the private sector as a clinic operator. Murray then transitioned into a career as an executive coach and Glen thought he also might be interested in this type of work. Glen previously worked for the City of Lethbridge in asset management and then for a commercial real estate firm. 


When Glen discovered GetintheLoop, he was sold on the platform and thought it was the perfect opportunity to approach his father about purchasing a franchise together.

“I liked the idea of the job’s mobility and the freedom to work hard on your own schedule,” Glen said. “I did sales in the past and I think I missed that motivation to set your income on your own terms. I wasn’t really growing in my job any more. 

“It’s a great partnership because I love technology, and my Dad loves to connect with people. That’s what this is all about: cutting-edge technology combined with building relationships.”

For Murray, it was clear that the GetintheLoop platform could have a tremendous impact on local businesses in Lethbridge.

“The thing that really grabbed my attention is the GetintheLoop tagline, ‘Shop Local, Wherever You Are,’ ” Murray said. “Having been involved in local business and actually being an owner, I just thought this would be a great way to give back to the community. I looked at the platform as a great way to assist local businesses in running a robust enterprise.”

After becoming local owners, Murray and Glen received training through Loop University. They said this training helped them become more comfortable with managing their business. The first business the local owners signed on was Backyard Leisure, a hot tub, pool and patio shop. It was a memorable moment for the pair.

“It was great to have Backyard Leisure instantly see the value in GetintheLoop,” Murray said. “They liked the concept and they really saw the way that transactions are moving more and more to people’s pockets with their smartphones. They saw it as a great way of marketing their business to a wide platform of people, perhaps people that didn’t know who they were and had never interacted with them.”

Murray and Glen have hit the ground running as local owners, signing nearly 20 businesses onto the platform. They have aimed to partner with a broad cross section of businesses that are independently owned.

“Lethbridge is that unique market: it’s a city of over 100,000 people and we have most of the amenities of a big city, but it still has that very small town local connection between business owners,” Glen said. “People like the idea that we’re really supporting local businesses. GetintheLoop is an affordable way for a business that may not have a huge marketing budget to reach a very ‘opted-in’ or focused audience.”

Moving forward, Glen and Murray are looking to build on their momentum and reach new businesses in the city. Glen said being a local owner has been an “enjoyable experience” and he finds satisfaction in helping local businesses engage with new and existing customers.


“A lot of business owners have asked us, ‘Why wouldn’t we go on the platform?’ ” Glen said. “My dad and I have a lot of confidence in selling a platform that business owners see value in immediately.

“We’re helping local businesses, and I think that’s the most rewarding part: providing someone with a platform that is easy to use, cost-effective, and reaches a target audience that is eager to support local business and discover new experiences.”

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