GetintheLoop Local owners have a great support team behind them


Going into business for yourself can be hard when you’re going at it alone, which is why GetintheLoop Local provides the highest level of support to all our local owners. We ensure they have all the tools they need to connect local businesses to Canada’s leading mobile offers platform and create a digital marketplace in their community.

Our local owners focus on three main areas to grow their business: sales, service and marketing. One of the ways they can become experts in these areas is by visiting our online portal and viewing training modules, best practices, case studies, guidelines and other important documents.

GetintheLoop Local owners also receive personalized training and assistance from sales, service and marketing managers that work out of GetintheLoop headquarters. From initial calls to day-to-day support, these managers work closely with local owners. Here’s a look at the types of support these managers provide:


To build a digital marketplace in their community, local owners need to sign a diverse groups of businesses onto GetintheLoop. This process includes prospecting, approaching businesses and closing the deal.

GetintheLoop’s team of expert salespeople can provide support to local owners through every stage of this process. After analyzing a marketplace, our team can create a list of businesses that are worth approaching about GetintheLoop. They teach local owners how to properly word prospect emails. Our team members also joins local owners for sales calls when they need some veteran support.


One of the unique things about my job is that when I first begin training local owners about making sales, many don’t actually realize they have done sales before. People don’t really understand that sales is all about having a conversation with someone. There’s often a negative perception around sales: a sleazy salesperson going door to door. I enjoy educating local owners on our approach: making connections with businesses in the community and building trust through conversations.

Brennan Reidy
Market Development Manager


Once a local owner signs a business on to GetintheLoop, the focus shifts to customer service. The local owner helps the business create offers that will attract new customers and monitor the effectiveness of their offers. 

GetintheLoop’s service team members are experts in the field of offers. They can lend a second set of eyes and evaluate elements such as the header, image and description. The support team can also help owners create an offer. They will conduct research into the business and also consider the types of offers other businesses in that sector have run effectively. If a local owner needs support on a service call, one of our team members would be happy to join the conversation.


It’s rewarding to work with our local owners and help them generate great offers that provide value to customers. It’s a great feeling to see these offers go live and witness the increased traffic our business partners experience. What makes this job interesting is the relationships that you build with all the local owners. Everyday is different and you get to learn about the unique aspects of each business and the passion behind them - whether it’s a local owner business or a partner business.

Caitlin McCormack
Partner Success Manager


By spreading the word about GetintheLoop through community events and social media platforms, local owners can help their business thrive. The goal of their marketing efforts should be to promote the benefits of the platform and show they’re committed to the success of their business partners by highlighting their involvement. 

GetintheLoop’s expert marketing support team helps local owners grow their market member base. Local owners can access marketing materials such as signage, decals and download cards that are useful at events and to display on the storefronts of partners. Our team stays on top of social media best practices and passes along helpful tips on how to create engaging posts and generate appropriate imagery or multimedia content.


We guide our local owners to create their own images using simple tools or give them training on how to best utilize social media. It's so rewarding seeing local owners taking the advice and training that I give them and seeing how excited they are when it pays off. Whether their following goes up or their engagement increases - they see that it works and I love seeing that click with them. My favourite part of working with them on marketing aspects is all the ideas that they come up with once they become more comfortable with marketing..

Madison Penner
Local Marketing Manager

The high level of support provided to local owners is one of many reasons that GetintheLoop Local is Canada’s fastest growing franchise. To explore the exciting opportunity to become a local owner, get in touch with our franchise team to start the conversation.