Family Finds Success with GetintheLoop


Chrissie and Clay Rozak are like any other Albertan family. Hard working parents trying to juggle full-time jobs with raising children. Except this couple decided that their lives weren’t quite hectic enough already, and became the proud owners of Airdrie’s GetintheLoop Local franchise!

The decision to buy the franchise came about after a conversation Clay had with a good friend of his, another GetintheLoop franchise owner. After this initial conversation, he presented his idea for buying their local franchise to his wife. She just happened to be at a point in her own career where she wasn’t entirely happy and was contemplating making changes, so this opportunity was quite “serendipitous” as she put it, coming at just the right time for the family.

GetintheLoop just made business sense to the Rozaks. Why wouldn’t consumers want a free app that tells them about incredible offers and experiences in their area? Why wouldn’t a local business want to pay a small fee each month to reach the phones of thousands of people in their local area? And why wouldn’t a franchise owner want to take this chance at being their own boss. The franchise fee was very reasonable, there would be no overhead costs, and it would allow the husband and wife team to work when they wanted, as hard as they wanted. To Chrissie, it was “a trifecta of components that came together and made sense”.

In September 2018, Chrissie and Clay purchased the Airdrie GetintheLoop franchise. Chrissie, a self-starter, dived head-first into learning as much as she could about selling so that she was well-prepared for Loop University in November - an intensive training session at GetintheLoop’s Kelowna, BC headquarters that provides new franchise owners with everything they need to start running their business on day one.

"Loop U was like drinking from a fire hydrant,” explains Chrissie, “but in a good way! I honestly left feeling on top of the world, knowing I was going to be supported every step of the way.”

Loop U isn’t where the training and support ended. GetintheLoop’s market development team joined the Rozaks in Airdrie for 3 days of on-the-ground training where they blitzed the market creating awareness and demand through a proven process including meetings, follow-ups, networking and incentives. This was, says Chrissie, one of the most educational parts of the whole process, watching the experts sell GetintheLoop. ”If a business owner came up with an objection I would probably have just said ‘OK thank you very much for your time, goodbye’. Dan, however, was so engaging and was able to turn the conversation around. It was such a learning curve watching those guys, and pivotal in our success.”

It wasn’t soon after that Chrissie landed her first client. She remembers nervously meeting with the owners of 9-Round on a cold December day at their local coffee shop. “They fired the questions at me - ‘how long do I have to commit for?’ You don’t, it’s month to month. ‘What if we are too busy to write up the offers?’ We can help. ‘How much extra will that cost?’ Nothing, it’s all included! They said ‘Sign me up’. I am now addicted to selling and the thrill of a business saying yes.”

Chrissie accredits much of their early success to always being present, and really upping their social media game, following everyone they could possibly think of from their market, going to every event, every mix and mingle, every Chamber event. “Everything you can attend to get your name out there, do it, and start doing it right away. But you need to do it in an authentic way. Be you, be genuine. Don't cram your business down people’s throats. You’re there to help them succeed. If they succeed, you succeed.”

While the experience of being an entrepreneur thus far has been extremely rewarding for the Rozak’s, it hasn’t been without its challenges. They found the brand was relatively unknown in Alberta, so trying to sell a product that wasn’t already on people’s radar made the road ahead more interesting. However, this couple was driven to succeed and quickly found ways to navigate the challenges.

When asked what she would say to anyone thinking of purchasing a GetintheLoop local franchise she had some keen words of advice. “If you are a people person, you’re authentic, and you’re looking for a change in your life, then this is the opportunity for you. You’ll have great days, you’ll have crazy days, but in the end, it’s one hell of a ride and I couldn’t imagine not being on it.”

Chrissie and Clay closed their first 10 clients within 50 days. They have set themselves the goal of 100 clients by the end of 2019, and have even set their sights set on purchasing a new market!