GetintheLoop for Good


GetintheLoop was built to support local businesses, local entrepreneurs, and local communities. Recently, Sean, Nate, and Scott of GetintheLoop Fort McMurray showed how they used GetintheLoop for a good cause in their community.  

Wanting to re-boost brand awareness now that the app had been live in their community for seven months, the GetintheLoop Fort McMurray team decided to host a party for the community. What’s better than a party? A party for a great cause!

“Our mission was obviously to get downloads and new users, which we did, but our primary concern was throwing a great social event that would get the media buzzing across town.  We wanted people anxiously awaiting our next event, and draw some attention to our current partners.”

- Scott Germain of GetintheLoop Fort McMurray


Aiming to support their local SPCA, GetintheLoop Fort McMurray teamed up with a local radio station, 100.5 CRUZ FM to promote the event. Together they came up with the theme 80s Fitness Unleashed: Let’s Get ‘Fur’sical! With fun videos and social media posts leading up to the event, the Fort McMurray team made sure that their community knew about the event.

With entry by donation, party go-ers were able to redeem a free drink through the GetintheLoop app, which ensured that the guests were learning how to use the app, while having a great time and giving back to their local SPCA.


With support from the Fort McMurray Firefighters, The Mayor, and SNAP’D Woodbuffalo, the event was a huge success and got the town buzzing about GetintheLoop. The best part, GetintheLoop Fort McMurray raised $4,000 for the SPCA!

We salute our Fort McMurray franchise team for their commitment, passion, and support for their community and the local charities within it. The Fort McMurray franchisees showed how GetintheLoop can be used not only to benefit local businesses and consumers in town, but also charities and the community as a whole.