Matt Crowell Featured On Above The Clouds Podcast


Recently our Founder and CEO, Matt Crowell, sat down with the team at Above The Cloud to discuss GetintheLoop and why we decided to franchise the GetintheLoop app. This episode starts back at the beginning, as Matt walks the team through the early stages of GetintheLoop and how it ended up being a SaaS franchise opportunity.

After sharing how he founded GetintheLoop, Matt explains how franchising GetintheLoop provides an opportunity  for people to enter the new digital economy. He also emphasizes that this franchise opportunity isn’t just for a “young techy”. In fact, some of our most successful franchisees are middle aged couples. Matt explains that ‘tech’ is about making things simple and that’s truly what GetintheLoop is all about. What’s most important is that our franchisees have business sense and are empathetic to their business partners. To learn more about who the ideal GetintheLoop franchisee is, click here.

Click below to listen to the full episode.