Matt Crowell Featured on Franchise Canada Chats Podcast


GetintheLoop’s Founder and CEO, Matt Crowell, recently sat down with the Canadian Franchise Association to discuss taking the leap into franchising. You can tune in to the podcast episode here.

Taking the leap into entrepreneurship is scary, there’s no doubt about that! But, Matt made a great point during the podcast when he said, “people have a hard time jumping in today.”  Have you been considering becoming an entrepreneur? Do it. What are you waiting for?

With an already established brand, a training program, and a support system from corporate, investing in a franchise is a great way to enter the entrepreneurship world.


Matt wanted to make it clear though that just because you’re investing in a franchise, it doesn’t mean it will be easy. In fact, one of the biggest challenges has been finding the right people. When asked what the most important things were for GetintheLoop franchisees, Matt quickly answered, “attitude and hustle.” A common occurrence is that people underestimate the work it takes to get a franchise off the ground. Franchisees will come in and picture the end, and not realize that you need to put in hard work right from the beginning. It takes a lot of work, but Matt made sure to point out how rewarding it is. A GetintheLoop franchise is all about local entrepreneurs helping other local entrepreneurs succeed with their business. What could be better than that?

When asked what makes a good franchisor, Matt replied, “you need a team that cares a lot about the franchisee’s success. You have to care about the people that are investing in you.” In addition, Matt pointed out that being an entrepreneur is a very independent job. The difference with GetintheLoop is that your day is spent meeting people in the community and having conversations. In addition, when you invest in a GetintheLoop franchise, you join the GetintheLoop Wolfpack. Along with continuous support and friendship from the corporate team, GetintheLoop has created a support network for the franchisees. They have a place to share their wins, share their losses, and most importantly, have a space to share information and knowledge.

Being an entrepreneur can be scary, but it’s also the most rewarding career path. Want to listen to the rest of the podcast? Click here to tune in to episode three of the Franchise Canada Chats podcast.