Old Economy vs. New Economy

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The rise of smartphone technology has ushered in a new era of expectations and conveniences for today’s consumers. It has created a better way to do life’s littlest and biggest tasks. This has changed the ground rules for businesses to be successful.

One of the biggest opportunities in today's economy is to provide modern solutions to small and medium sized businesses (SMB’s).  This underserved group is vulnerable to disruption from better technology - and they tend to lack the knowledge and sophistication to take advantage of technologies benefits to their business.

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Over the past five years, GetintheLoop has been building technology to give SMB’s an advantage in today’s digital economy.  We have focused on making it easier for businesses of all sizes to better engage their current and future customer. Think of GetintheLoop as the modern version of a sandwich board you would see on the street outside a restaurant or cafe.  We take the unique items that makes your location special and amplify’s it through the smartphone of your local consumers.

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Our next goal is to bring this solution to as many small businesses as we can - through empowering entrepreneurs across North America to bring modern mobile marketing solutions to their local market.  Talk to our team and tell us why you are the right person to bring the modern economy to your local market.