Why I Bought a GetintheLoop Franchise


We sat down with Chrissie Rozak, the owner of GetintheLoop Airdrie when she came to town for Loop University and talked to her about what really drove her to purchase a GetintheLoop franchise.

Three reasons why Chrissie bought a franchise (and you should too!)

1 - The technology

Providing offers from local companies directly to the mobile phones of local consumers benefits everyone within a community. Chrissie got right to the point, “it’s fast forward...it’s the technology we need these days.”

2 - Low overhead costs

The affordable franchise fee and incredibly low overhead costs of GetintheLoop opened the entrepreneurship door for Chrissie and her husband. Always wanting to own their own business, a GetintheLoop franchise removed many of the barriers that typical franchises have.

3 - Brand and culture

It was important to Chrissie that the culture and morals of GetintheLoop had to align with her family’s values. It didn’t take long for Chrissie to realize that the GetintheLoop family, or Wolfpack as we like to call ourselves, could easily become an extension of her own family!

Do any of Chrissie’s reasons for buying a franchise strike a chord with you? Book a meeting with our franchise team HERE and learn more about bringing GetintheLoop to your city.