Why I Took The Leap


Taking the leap into entrepreneurship can be intimidating. We asked some of our franchisees to share why they decided to invest in a GetintheLoop franchise. All coming from different career backgrounds and different cities across Canada, it was clear that they all had an entrepreneurial spirit.

Check out what made some of our franchisees take the leap below:

Shauna Sereda - Saskatoon


I always wanted my own business, I don't have that corporate girl personality but I just hadn't found anything that really suited me. GetintheLoop turned into a great fit for many reasons... I looked at the business from a consumer's view and knew I would use it, and I did the same on the business side.  It had to be a product/service that I loved and believed in, and GetintheLoop brought that. It had a great concept and business model. I appreciated that it was affordable for all businesses, and it was a place where they could showcase their business without deep discounting. Affordability was the other key factor for me, I am a single parent so I didn't have a lot of extra money. There is no need for a bricks and mortar location and no inventory costs, which made the franchise very affordable for everyone. Consumers and businesses love the concept around GetintheLoop because it makes sense and it’s simple; great things don't have to be complicated.

Tim Hurley- Red Deer


There are many reasons why I jumped at the chance to buy this franchise, first was that it lit the entrepreneurial flame inside of me again. I had given up on the thought  If being my own boss for far too long, but when I heard about GetintheLoop I got excited fast. Being able to work for myself and help local businesses have a voice in a very competitive market is a win-win.

Chrissie and Clay Rozak - Airdrie


We purchased a GetintheLoop franchise for a number of reasons. One of the main reasons was personal and financial freedom.  We want to be able to walk our kids to and from school each and every day. We also want to set ourselves and our kids up to ensure financial stability in the future. It was also new and exciting.  We had both been in our careers for almost 20 years and it was time for a change. Finally, we truly believe in the app and the team’s vision.

Tyler Hope - Cochrane


When I originally thought about buying a franchise, I was frustrated with my current day job and Getintheloop provided a new opportunity to build a business where I wasn't tied to a daily grind.  A place where I could spend time with customers, a place where I could get back to enjoying what I do rather than going to work every day. Together with my wife, we have started out down the path of entrepreneurship, building our small business with the plan of continued growth.

Stacey Barber - North Okanagan

Screen Shot 2019-04-11 at 3.02.35 PM.png

I have always been interested in the Technology Industry and was ready for a change in my current position, making a  GetintheLoop Franchise a great fit for me. The thought of being my own boss as well as having a true work-life balance was what made me take the leap of faith.  The support from GetintheLoop Headquarters and training on the system was more than I could have expected and made the transition into being a business owner smooth.

Do you think you’re ready to take the leap into entrepreneurship? Get in touch with our Franchise Team and learn how you can bring GetintheLoop to your community.