Expired Credit Cards

Credit card expiry dates are entered when the initial subscription is activated or when the payment card is updated.

21 days before a credit card expires, Chargebee automatically emails the the partner so they are aware their card is expiring. This email has a link where they can update their own card. In most cases, cards are updated through this link.

If the partner does not update their card through the above email, they get another email reminder on the day the card expires. Again, they can update their card through a link in this email. If they still do not update their card, it is likely (but not always) their next payment will fail and they will enter the “dunning” process.


Dunning - Credit Cards

Payments can fail for a number of reasons, but most commonly they fail because of insufficient funds or a card number has changed.

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DunNing - Invoiced

From time to time and usually for larger deals that may be regional, national or multi-location, credit can be extended and invoices for manual payment generated. Much like credit card subscriptions, Chargebee also has an automatic dunning process for manual payment subscriptions.

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