Completion Questions & Confirmation

Once a partner has asked for completion of their subscription with GetintheLoop, it will be important to connect with them as soon as possible. Scheduling a meeting with your partner will be key. Whether or not we can save them, we can always learn something.

Having a meeting will allow you to use their termination period effectively. We can learn from them, potentially turn it around, and if not make sure we schedule to approach them at a later date.

Below are a few question examples and best practices.


  • Why are you dissatisfied with GetintheLoop?

  • How was your experience?

  • What does success look like to you?

  • How are your other marketing initiatives going? What is your success rate?

  • What would make you continue with GetintheLoop?

  • What goals/expectations did we not meet?

Other Questions

  • Have you accessed your dashboard lately?

  • How often do the offers switch up?

Things to Discuss & Mention

  • Reach, Response, and Actions. It will be important for you to go over stats on a regular basis to teach partners what each stat means and the value attached.

  • Seamless Redemption. Make sure each GetintheLoop member has a seamless redemption. Is there anything would cause a member not to take an action?

  • Termination Policy. Make sure to confirm and go over the GetintheLoop termination policy. When their last payment and completion date would be.  Current Month + Additional Month

  • New Strategy. Suggest a new strategy to work with them for a successful experience before their completion date. Once we can see where we can better help them, create a plan with them to help them be successful on GetintheLoop.

  • Components for Success. Set them up to be successful and to see the results they had hoped for. Even if we don’t hit the goal, your partner will see the effort. All partners should complete GetintheLoop on a good note, this way we can approach them at a later date.