Exclusive Offers

These types of offers are particularly important to discuss with partners. An exclusive offer means that these offers are only available through GetintheLoop and available to GetintheLoop members. Exclusivity creates the highest engagement with members.

What Makes a Good Exclusive Offer?

Generally, partners need some guidance in creating new exclusive offers that are separate from their existing offers. It can take a new partner a few days to weeks to approve the offers and have everything set up properly for an exclusive offer.

An exclusive offer does not automatically mean discount, nor should it have too. Partners can use discounting as a form of an exclusive offer, but there are other ways to create exclusive offers. These types of offers can include extended specials, value-ads, additional experiences, early bird tickets or more…You can refer to the Best Practices Per Loop.


Exclusive offers are only available through GetintheLoop, therefore members need to redeem the offer through the GetintheLoop app. Partners will want a flawless redemption (conversion from GetintheLoop member to customer). Ask:

  • Do members need an offer code?

  • What needs to be in place for a flawless redemption?

Point of Sale

To make sure redemption is flawless not only GetintheLoop members but for partners, it will be important to communicate the importance of the partners tracking their sales. It will be up to the partner to internally track and create the appropriate offer codes/buttons in their point of sale.

Staff Training

It will be important for the partner to have their staff trained and be knowledgeable with GetintheLoop. This will ensure a memorable experience and creates a return customer and loyalty.

Staff can also use the app strategically to upsell, aligning with the offers your partner has created.


Similar to having staff trained about GetintheLoop, it is important for partners to stress to new and current customers that they can stay updated with GetintheLoop. Using GetintheLoop as a way to stay ‘in the loop’ on all things about the partner, discovering new exclusive and non-exclusive offers. This way, a habit is being created amongst customers, staying updated creates loyalty.