Experience Offers

Offers for experiences are a great way to let GetintheLoop members know about upcoming events.  Offers do not need to be a special or a discount, it can work as a way to create awareness.

These types of offers stand out as they compel members to take action ‘to do’ rather than to purchase. Not only that, these type of offers engage with a larger audience.

To discover great experiences or upcoming events, chat with your partner about monthly events or experiences that they have coming up. Discuss experiences, events, and services they may want to highlight. Are they seasonally relevant?

Do they have live music, trivia nights, tap takeovers? Do they have an events calendar to reference to stay up to date? Do they have seasonally relevant experiences to highlight on the platform? These can include memberships, birthday offers, booking private appointments and more.

How will customers use this offer?

The call to action best suited for experience offers are:

  • Online: Learn more | Book Online

  • By Phone:  Call for Info | Call to Book

A ‘Learn More’ or ‘Online’ feature may be used so members may learn more about an experience, service, or event.

It will be important to highlight Reach and Response stats over Actions to show the success of experience offers. When highlighting Actions, it will be important to remind partners that an action includes visiting the website, calling the business, visiting in person, or using the set redemption feature.

Staff Training

Partners must train staff to ask and learn about where customers heard about an offer, especially when they don’t show the app. The more a business hears GetintheLoop, the more they will understand the value.

The staff can also encourage customers that they can stay updated by using GetintheLoop. A habit is being created amongst customers and creates loyalty.