GetintheLoop for Business

GetintheLoop for Business is used to:

  • Create and manage offers

  • Provide access to partner stats dashboard.

Create and Manage Offers

Encouraging 5 live offers drastically increases the success rate. There are three types of offers.

For detailed how to instructions, download the how to pdf’s from the Service Toolkit page.

  1. Exclusive offers (purple badge): These offers will be exclusive to GetintheLoop, customers will need to show GetintheLoop to redeem. Exclusive offers take a bit more time for a business to create, however, it encourages members to use GetintheLoop and shows the business that GetintheLoop is working.

  2. Limited use offers (orange badge): These offers encourage creativity and are strong offers. Businesses can put a limit of how many overall and per customer per day. Example of this may be ‘free product’, 30 available, 1 per day.

  3. Non-exclusive offers (no badge): Businesses already have great features, experiences, and promotions that they already run. To help them get started and get to 5 active offers, include their best ongoing offers.

Note: Once offers are live in the dashboard partners can post the offer to Facebook. For newly created offers, wait 10 minutes to use ‘Post to Facebook’ feature.

Stats Dashboard

Selecting the Stats tab provides access to the stats dashboard which helps curate the partner’s data and track success. The data is in three areas: reach, response, and actions. Each area includes a demographic breakdown.

For detailed information, please click through to the GetintheLoop for Business Stats Dashboard page.

Reach - The number of times the offers or business was seen in GetintheLoop apps, emails, or notifications.

Response - The number of times a member responded by liking, sharing, or viewing the offer or business details.

Action - The number of actions taken by members to redeem an offer, visit the website, or call the business.

Demographics - With each area, there is a demographic breakdown highlighting age and gender. This helps the business see who they are reaching.