Kick-off Meeting Questions

Your very first service meeting with your partner is referred to as a kick-off meeting.

Download the Kick-off Checklist and follow the steps prior to the meeting.

This meeting is important as all parties should walk away from the meeting with a common understanding of the expectations, goals, and next steps for your partner and for you.

Here are some key questions to ask to help you achieve a better understanding of the partners’ expectations as well as some targets to set.

Many of these questions will already have been asked and answered during the sales process. If so, good for you!

Overall, it will be important to highlight the GetintheLoop best practices and standards with each partner. They have been created based on years of experience to encourage success while setting realistic expectations. Work together with your partner to hit their goals.


  • What are your expectations? Do you want to see new customers, more traffic, create awareness?

  • Have you looked at your dashboard? If not, I would love to walk you through it. If yes, do you have any questions or concerns?

  • Do you have any offers in mind right away? I have put together a few ideas I would love to discuss with you. Typically its best to have 7 offers prepared, this way we can switch 2 up regularly targeting a larger audience.

  • Are you active on Facebook?

    • You can easily create offers in GetintheLoop for Business and then post directly to your business or personal Facebook page, expanding the audience you are reaching with GetintheLoop to include Facebook.

  • Do you have a Newsletter?

    • If you have a Newsletter, it would be great to let your customers/clients know of your new partnership with GetintheLoop.

  • What is your preferred method of contact? Phone? Text? Emails?

Things to Discuss & Mention

  • Reach, Response, Actions, & Demographics: Go over how to utilize each insight provided by GetintheLoop. What does each insight/stat mean?

  • Engaged + Success: The more active and engaged partners are with GetintheLoop and switching up offers, the more success will be seen. This is because you can rotate offers which target different audiences, finding what works. Typically partners start seeing traction in about 3 to 6 weeks. Consumers need to see an offer about 6 to 15 times to take further action.

  • Set Expectations: To be successful, both you and your partner must have clear expectations. What are they on GetintheLoop for?

    • Brand Awareness - To increase brand awareness, switch up offers regularly and showcase services. This will put the focus on Reach & Response

    • New Customers - Is the goal to drive members to become new customers of the Partner? This puts the focus on actions/redemptions

  • Exclusive vs. Non-exclusive. Refer to the Best Practices regarding exclusive vs non-exclusive offers. Relaying this information to your partners will help in encouraging them to create strong offers that correspond to their expectations. Refer to Exclusive Best Practices and Non-Exclusive Best Practices.

  • Track actions using Offer Codes and the POS System: GetintheLoop Actions can track website visits, calls to the venue, use of a redemption feature or visits to the location. If a partner wishes to track actions, they will need to incorporate the tracking into their offers, train their staff and update their point of sale system. Download and send the Staff Training zip file to your partners.

  • Offer Expiry. Make sure to discuss what offer expiry is with your partner. If there is a hard end date, encourage them to include that in the Terms & Conditions. Let them know that for offers that do not have an end date, you can extend the offers for them. For offers with hard end dates, you will send out a reminder, while encouraging them to create a reminder in their calendar.

  • Images. Make sure to discuss image guidelines with your partner. GetintheLoop has Offer & Image guidelines to encourage images that are clean and that showcase the product or service well. GetintheLoop highly discourages the use of images with text (some exceptions on a case by case basis). Refer to Image Guidelines

Marketing Materials

  • Marketing Materials: You have received enough materials for 50 partners. What materials make sense for your partner? Put it up for them.

Follow up your Kick-off meeting with a brief email highlighting the key takeaways of the meeting as well as the next steps.