Limited Use Offers

Limited use offers are strong, unique offers that compel a member to physically visit the location and redeem quickly.

Limited use offers encourage partners to become creative with offers, heavily discounting overflow of stocks, or creating limited time products. The moment there is a chance a potential customer may not have a chance at having the act of purchasing, offers increase in value.

These types of offers create a real-time countdown on the availability of an offer.

What makes a good Limited Use Offer?

Limited use offers can be incorporated into a variety of different offers. They do not have to be product focused. They include free products, discounts on purchases, limited time experiences, VIP packages, memberships and more.

What makes a good limited use offer is that it creates the fear of missing out (FOMO) for members, it compels them to take action. Always look at what drew your attention to an offer you have seen? What would make you take action? What has made you take action?

Limited use offers encourage creativity and stronger offers.


  • Free

  • BOGO

  • 50% Off Bills


To redeem limited use offers a GetintheLoop member must be in the partner’s location to redeem. Limited use offers have a limited number (up to 100) of uses available for redemption. With each redemption, the number decreases (a real-time countdown).

Having a strong creative offer will lead to a successful promotion.

Staff Training

It will be important for a partner of GetintheLoop to have their staff trained and be knowledgeable with GetintheLoop. Limited Use requires redemption, so it will be important that staff know about the offer and how to redeem.

This will ensure a memorable experience, creating a return customer and loyalty.

Staff can also use the app strategically to upsell, aligning with the offers your partner has created.


Similar to having staff trained about GetintheLoop, it is important for partners to stress to new and current customers that they can stay updated with GetintheLoop. Using GetintheLoop as a way to stay ‘in the loop’ on all things about the partner, discovering new offers.

When we excite potential customers with exclusive limited use offers, we create a sense of a loyalty and urgency. Using GetintheLoop to built out your loyal customers is a great and easy way to do so.