The Journey Ahead


July 29, 2019

Hey everyone,

I’m pumped that you stopped by and appreciate you taking the time to check out my new blog: Love The Grind. You’ll notice when you scroll down that I’ve been writing a couple pieces each year for the past eight-plus years since I started on this crazy journey with GetintheLoop. Funnily enough, I actually wrote a piece in 2012 titled The Grind - suffice it to say, it has been on my mind for a while.

Initially, I started to write about the things I was learning and the challenges I was going through on my journey as an entrepreneur. Over time, my content has turned into pieces on entrepreneurial struggles, tips for business owners and the odd rant where I speak from the heart on things I am seeing on a day-to-day basis.


Today, GetintheLoop works with over 1,000 business owners and our platform has  become an exciting opportunity for entrepreneurs everywhere to build their own business - in the business of helping their local business communities. This is a mission my team and I couldn’t be more excited about.

I wanted to launch this blog to add further value to the ecosystem we are building with GetintheLoop and to share stories and learnings along the way. I have been extremely lucky to have been mentored by some amazing entrepreneurs over the years and find myself loving the opportunity to mentor other entrepreneurs and assist them on their journey in any way I can. This blog is a great tool for me to try and do that with a little bit of scale and have some fun while doing so.


What to Expect:

Why: Love The Grind is a message our team has embodied for years. My journey as an entrepreneur has taught me lots - and I mean a lot - but let’s face it: I still have a ton to learn. Love The Grind is all about enjoying the journey that is entrepreneurship. It’s an understanding of the struggles we must go through, the sacrifices entrepreneurs make and the passion and commitment we have as individuals to succeed. Nothing comes easy, but nothing that comes easy is ever worth it anyways. #EarnIt

What: I’m going to talk about my learnings as we scale GetintheLoop and trends I’m seeing in digital marketing. You can expect to see a few videos (I’m really liking video) and If we can make it happen, you might even see a podcast hitting the streams at sometime in the near future.

When: I will be doing my best to write a piece a week, if not more, and will be keeping everyone up-to-date on our journey through my social channels, as well as my newsletter.

Follow along, join the newsletter, tell your friends and also feel free to reach out on anything you would love my feedback on. I’m excited to see where this goes and hope I can add value to your day and your future plans as an entrepreneur.

- Matty