Pillars to our Success

NOVEMBER 30, 2013

As we’re preparing for what is going to be the largest growth spurt in GetintheLoop’s history, by a country mile, I thought it was time we tell people what has made our early success possible and let everyone know about the values our team at GetintheLoop truly stands by!

Our four pillars to continued success:


In every relationship - whether it be with customers, competitors, collaborators or otherwise - every company or individual has an end goal, right? Of course you do! Our method at GetintheLoop to always achieving our goal is simple: attach our adversaries’ needs to our goal.

I was frustrated with people thinking small and the idea that someone always had to win. I do not believe this to be true, rather, I firmly believe that everyone can win. Our team believes our product is so flexible, our offering so scalable and beneficial that we go into every meeting ears first. Our purpose is to find out what our partners, fundraisers, members or charitable organizations want from the relationship and find a solution that exceeds their expectations. We can ensure we achieve these goals without ever having to make a broken promise. If there is an issue, we help to resolve it and then learn from it. Because of this culture, we have been fortunate to work with and generate revenue for the likes of Moxies, Sparkling Hill, Cabana, Boston Pizza, The Harvest Golf Club, Eveline Charles, Gallaghers Canyon, FlightCentre.ca and many other nationally recognized brands.

“Listen with an intent to understand”. There is a lot to be learned.


GetintheLoop is succeeding in an industry cluttered with failure. In order to succeed, we have to continually listen, learn, improve and make up for what our competitors lack. We have eliminated spam emails to our members like other deal sites. What we do provide the deal user is quality content from quality partners. Our program also allows for members to select “Loops” (industries) they want to hear from; members can individually opt to hear about golf, restaurant, spa, health or all.

For businesses, taking 50 per cent of 50 per cent like other deal programs was not sustainable. FYI to anyone who uses daily deal programs like Groupon, Twingo or Smartsally: Not only do you get spammed all year, but the companies you eventually buy from LOSE MONEY. We decided to change that by building a premium membership for people who were active, super social and ultra responsible in their community. These are the demographics of what a Loop member resembled: outgoing, regularly active individuals that were ready to buy a membership and receive reliable rewards on a regular basis.

We learned from what the market was telling us: current “daily deal” marketing programs were not sustainable. We innovated the service and are now offering a year-round program benefitting everyone who is In the Loop. No more one-day sales, printing coupons, or bringing a coupon book with you. With GetintheLoop, you regularly receive daily and weekly offers from the best businesses in town, directly to your phone. All you need to GetintheLoop is a “smart” phone and remember to bring it with you when you go to our business partners to redeem. If you’re like me, you don’t go anywhere without your phone anyway!

“We learn from failure, not from success.” Act and respond accordingly.


Acting fast has been the nature of GetintheLoop since the idea came to me. It took exactly 15 days for GetintheLoop to go from idea generation, feedback from friends, talking with golf courses, building an $800 website and then selling my first Loop membership one hour after the website went live. One mantra we have at GetintheLoop is that  “you miss every shot you don’t take” – Wayne Gretzky. Our team loves growing quickly and the new opportunities that have been presenting themselves. With this love comes a willingness to take risks, step outside the box and just do what feels right. Take for example our launch in our second region, Belgium. Does Belgium make logistic sense? No, but it was an opportunity to learn and grow with a passionate team and we did it because we were confident we could make anything a success! When looking at tech, you have two choices: act fast and get better or remain stable and eventually find a new job. We’re acting fast!

“If you spend too much time thinking about one thing, you’ll never get it done.” Act fast, act decisively and follow your heart.


Since that first day, our golf partners believed in a young kid with a vision to change the way golf was marketed. These partners took a “chance”, and by doing so provided an opportunity for a dream and vision to be recognized. Our team at GetintheLoop is very appreciative for this and takes this opportunity very seriously. We are a passionate and compassionate team consisting of more than 11 unique individuals who have created a team culture of truly caring. We care about each other, our roles, our partners and customers, and also care to prove our believers right.

Our philosophy here at GetintheLoop is simple: care about the people and companies you work with. It’s also important to recognize that we are working in an industry (“discounts”) that has been, for a lack of better word, TRASHED and tarnished. There are too many deal-of-the-day companies killing businesses bottom line, spamming e-mail boxes and not honouring the previously purchased coupons of too many customers. We knew that to grow a sustainable business, we also had to care. We had to care about the businesses we worked with and to find a solution in which everyone wins. Lucky for us, we did.

Businesses benefit, members get offers from quality and reliable partners, we host awesome events and - the one thing we are most proud of - we give back to organizations and charities that share our passion!

“Without a sense of caring, there can be no sense of community.”

That’s it; that’s all you need to be successful: a team full of kick-ass individuals who are ready to listen, want to learn, naturally act fast and, most importantly – truly care!

- Matty