Four reasons you should be leveraging mobile marketing

Jan 27, 2015

It's clear that many traditional media outlets are struggling to hold engagement with their audience and maintain their revenue. Why? One word: mobile!

Customers, users, members and clients are continually prioritizing looking down at their phones rather than the traditional ads that so many businesses’ are spending their precious marketing dollars on. The Digital Shift has been talked about for years. Forbes regularly describes how tradition media (TV, newspapers and radio) would see decreasing revenues. Forbes also said that major players and local vendors would start to shift ad dollars to the digital space and what is now turning into "mobile first" and local strategies.

Today, major brands like Frito Lay are looking at 100 per cent digital advertising spends and finding early success. It's clear the shift to mobile is here to stay (unless you feel comfortable giving up you phone!), the question is why and how to best leverage mobile marketing? I am not suggesting to ignore all traditional media when considering your advertising strategy, however, it’s important to give full consideration to pairing traditional and mobile as 72 per cent of mobile phone users are on their phone while consuming traditional media.

Here are four reasons you should be leveraging mobile marketing:

1. The numbers speak for themselves.
This article from google says it all:

Looking for local information is done by virtually all smartphone users and consumers are ready to act on the information they find.

  • 95 per cent of smartphone users have looked for local information

  • 88 per cent of these users take action within a day, indicating these are immediate information needs

  • 77 per cent have contacted a business, with 61 per cent calling and 59 per cent visiting the local business

2. Mobile is instant and in real time
With mobile marketing, you've got an instant communication channel to your customers’ phones. The possibilities for real engagement with timely notifications, current information and targeted messages are endless. The ability to communicate instantly with potential customers in their palms, wherever they are, puts the power in your hands!

3. Mobile is Trackable
Mobile marketing is all about your return on investment. The potential to earn a high ROI for your advertising spend is even greater with focused campaigns. Our offer partners for GetintheLoop see upwards of 10x return on their marketing spend month over month.

4. Targeted Campaigns
With improvements in technology, businesses are able to target customer segments. Many marketers and business owners today are looking to increase their foot traffic with their ideal target customers: students, sports fans, or affluent customers who are regularly out spending money.

With new mobile offer platforms like GetintheLoop, reaching your desired demographic instantly is easy. What's even better: it's proven. There’s no more need to sell air or the hope that it works. With new mobile marketing platforms, you're able to understand and react to how your marketing efforts are working and get a clear picture of who is engaging and purchasing day-to-day. If consumers are checking their smartphones an average of 150 times a day, as a business owner or marketer you have to be looking for ways to show up in your future customers’ palms – every day!

- Matty