Marketing Support from HQ

GetintheLoop HQ will provide you with the tools and processes to successfully grow and engage your market, including:

  • Train and prepare you to grow your local market member base.

  • GetintheLoop reinvests a minimum 3% of your Gross Sales back into the local market to drive users and create awareness of the GetintheLoop brand.

  • The GetintheLoop marketing team will plan and execute corporate marketing as well as market launch activities.

  • Provide ongoing support and best marketing practices.

  • Marketing Bonus: Each Getintheloop franchise will be provided with marketing materials to build Business Growth kits for your first 50 signed partners. Additional materials to build your own kits are available for purchase in the Shop. A kit may include:

    • GetintheLoop Decal for door or window

    • Point of Sale sign and acrylic holder

    • Download cards and acrylic holder

    • Sticky Notes

    • Gift Bag

  • GetintheLoop HQ will help by amplifying/boosting awareness across multiple marketing channels using:

    • Push Notifications to engage local users

    • Blogs and content for you to share on your local social platforms

    • Daily and Weekly Offer Emails

  • You can download materials:

Purchasing GetintheLoop Marketing Materials

Marketing materials will be an important way to drive brand awareness and member growth in your market. GetintheLoop has developed marketing materials that work, and they align with the GetintheLoop Trademarks and Brand Guidelines.

Swag, Wear and Marketing Materials are available in the Shop.