Non-Exclusive Offers

Non-exclusive offers make great content on GetintheLoop. If partners already have great experiences, events, services, and offers, why not include them on GetintheLoop? Non-exclusive offers keep the content fresh and engage different audiences. These offers can serve as creating awareness around what makes your partner different from competitors.

How do I find Non-Exclusive Offers?

To find great non-exclusive offers, chat with your partner about current offers they have running. What do they find works well? Discuss experiences, events, and services they may want to highlight. Are they seasonally relevant?

Non-exclusive offers create a unique opportunity to showcase what makes your partner unique. Maybe they have a service that is new or that separates them from their partner, you can highlight these and create them as offers.

Another great place to find experiences or events is to check Facebook and Website. What draws you into their platforms? What stands out? If it sticks out to you, it problem resonates with other potential audiences.


One thing to highlight with partners is that non-exclusive offers do not need to redeem the offer from the GetintheLoop app. The offers are readily available for all new and current customers to use.

Partners will likely not see members ‘Redeem’ an offer, depending on what the call to action is set as. A ‘Learn More’ or ‘Online’ feature may be used so members may learn more about an experience, service, or event.

It will be important to highlight Reach and Response stats over Actions to show the success of non-exclusive offers.

Staff Training

It will be important to train staff to ask and learn about where customers heard about an offer, especially when they don’t show the app. The more a business hears about GetintheLoop, the more they will see the value.


Similar to having staff trained about GetintheLoop, it is important for partners to stress to new and current customers that they can stay updated with GetintheLoop. Using GetintheLoop as a way to stay ‘in the loop’ on all things about the partner, discovering new exclusive and non-exclusive offers. This way, a habit is being created amongst customers, staying updated creates loyalty.