Offboarding Email Templates

Once you have confirmed next steps with your partner, it will be important to follow through by email making sure the information that was discussed is readily available for your partner to review. There will be three key emails to send out.

  1. Acknowledgement of Request - Scheduling a meeting or phone call to discuss next steps.

  2. Meeting Next Steps - Follow up with key takeaways and what the next few weeks will look like.

  3. Completion Date Reminder - Letting your partner know of their upcoming completion date. To touch base on what was improved.

Acknowledgement of Request

When a partner requests to cancel their subscription with GetintheLoop, it is important to acknowledge the request. When we acknowledge the request, we are setting the example that our level of excellent service will be maintained and that we want to continue to work with them towards success.

Subject: Completion of [Business] with GetintheLoop Request

Hi [Name]
Thank you for reaching out regarding your completion with GetintheLoop.

As I start your completion process, I would love to schedule a brief call with you to discuss the next steps regarding your contract and experience with GetintheLoop.

Your partnership with GetintheLoop is appreciated. When requests to cancel GetintheLoop come through, we try to learn how we can improve as a company working with businesses such as yours.

I would like to discuss what the next steps are to process your request and answer any questions or concerns you may have. Our termination outlines that you must give 30 days notice; there will still be one more payment with GetintheLoop.

Are you available [MM/DD at AM/PM] or [MM/DD at AM/PM] to connect?

All the best,

Meeting Next Steps - Completion Call with Partner

After your call with your partner, it will be important to follow up with key takeaways and confirmation of next steps. This way, you are setting expectations on how the next few weeks are going to go, setting goals.

Subject: GetintheLoop Completion: What’s Next?

Hi [Name],

Thank you for taking the time [Yesterday/Today] to discuss our partnership. As discussed over the next few weeks we will actively work on  

This way we can look to create success until your completion date.

As per the contract and our discussion, with your request date being on MM/DD/YYYY your last payment will be MM/DD/YYYY. Your completion date will be MM/DD/YYYY.

You should expect an email “Your subscription has been cancelled” 1 to 5 businesses after your last payment on MM/DD/YYYY. If you do not receive one, please reach out so we can assure your cancellation request has been processed.

I look forward to working with you to fully utilize GetintheLoop to maximize success.

All the best,

Completion Date Reminder

With our termination policy, a partner’s completion date maybe 8 weeks away. A few days before, it is always good to send a reminder and include highlights, especially if you have met expectations.

Subject: Completion with GetintheLoop Date

Hi [Name],

Hope your day is going well [Customize as you see fit].

Just a friendly reminder that [BUSINESS] will be coming off the GetintheLoop platform as of [DAY] MM/DD/YYYY as per your request MM/DD/YYYY.

As discussed, we were actively working towards,

I would like to share some key insights from the last [X WEEKS]. In the last 30 days, we saw an increase of [X] in reach, response, and actions, due to our plan we set in place. All-time, you have seen roughly [X highlight]. Please find stats below:

[Please customize this area to fit key highlights you wish to share]

[Insert screenshot of 30 days]

[Insert screenshot of all time]

I know you have decided to end our partnership. However, I would love to connect before your completion date on MM/DD to discuss your experience. If I don’t hear from you, it was wonderful having you on GetintheLoop platform & working with you. [Optional]

I wish [BUSINESS] all the best for the future. I look forward to welcoming you back when you’re ready.

If you do not receive an email titled ‘Your subscription has been cancelled’, please contact

All the best,