Offer Best Practices

For some great ideas by loop, check out offer Best Practices by Loop!

Offers can be experiences, product or service highlights, and of course discounts. They can be exclusive, limited use or non-exclusive.

Five Live Offers - The more offers a partner has on GetintheLoop, the greater chance there is to target a variety of audiences and create the urge to act.

Benefits - Members learn what makes your business unique. The offer makes it easy for a member to take action.

Value - It is important to state the value that a member is receiving within the offer. Whether this is an add-on experience, discount or deal, the members will know exactly what they are receiving.

Image - Having an image that showcases the brand/product/experience properly increases the click-through rate.

Wording- One of the strongest drivers for having a member interact with an offer is the title and the description.

Call to Action - One factor to a seamless redemption or purchase is to make sure the call to action on the offer does what you want it too.

Define the Offer

Before you start crafting offers, it is important to define what you are creating. Offers can showcase the brand and should motivate members to act. How you define the offer is entirely up to you.

  • Let customers know if the offer is a discount or sale, an experience, or an upcoming event. Don’t make potential customers guess or assume anything about the offer. Offers can be lost in translation if not properly articulated and defined.

  • Is the offer an experience, exclusive, non-exclusive, or limited use?

  • If the offer is a non-exclusive or an experience, it will be important to include a base or starting price point for the offer. This way members don’t see the offer as an advertisement and are compelled to take an action.

Clear & Concise Message

Once the offer is defined, the next step is to make sure the message is clear, concise and easy to understand. One limitation stopping a potential member from taking action on an offer is not being able to understand what the offer is or what is required to redeem. Eliminate this with a strong image, title, description and terms & conditions.

Title - You have only a few words to create a call to action - why they should click through to learn more and engage with the offer. The offer title should be front-loaded. Express exactly what the offer is to engage with potential customers. For example:

BOGO 50%

Tasting Experience - $3/per

Brewery Tap Takeover - July 25th

Description - make the member imagine redeeming the offer while re-stating what the offer is. E.g.: Have a love for old-school gaming systems and great beer? Grab a friend or a few and come enjoy our gaming lounge. It features unlimited classic Nintendo and Sega games for $10/per hour and when you book it, you receive happy hour beer pricing.

It is always important to include the value or a starting price. This way members don’t see the offer as an advertisement and are compelled to take an action.

Terms & Conditions - Make sure to include any information regarding steps to redeem, days/hours, quantities, etc. to help set expectations. The member will be ready to abide by the offer and won’t be surprised when they redeem. E.g.:

    • Valid for groups of 3 or more

    • Happy hour is between 3 to 5 pm

    • Valid with select brands

Seamless Integration

Make sure the call to action does what you intend it to do. The offer can send customers online, to make a phone call, visit in-person. The correct call to action transitions the member into a customer in a very smooth process.

Online - Select the appropriate label to drive the customer to the landing page. Labels include Order Online, Book Online, Buy Online, and Learn More.

By Phone - Does the offer require the customer to call for a reservation, make an appointment or perhaps the business does not have online booking/purchasing? Members can be directed to call to redeem the offer. Labels include Call to Book, Call to Order, and Call for Info.

In Person - Does the offer a visit the location to redeem? The best labels include Redeem or Use Now.

Offer Quality

Using this information will increase the success of offers. Utilizing the hints & tips provided will help create compelling offers. Creating an offer that resonates with a member creates the urge to act.

Making sure each offer is clean, detailed and that it stands out will improve partner success as well as member experience.