Onboarding Email Templates


Day 1: ‘Welcome Email’

→ This email gives your partner access to their dashboard, it will also confirm your scheduled kick-off call or meeting. If one is not scheduled, it can be used to schedule a kick-off.

Day 3: If no response, follow-up with ‘GetintheLoop Follow-up’

→ If no response, you can either follow-up by calling or dropping in on your desired date, ideally within 7 business days of subscription.

After Kick-Off Meeting: Follow up your Kick-Off Meeting with ‘GetintheLoop Resources & Support’

→ This email will set the expectations and goals going forward. Including the key takeaways from your Kick-Off and next steps. This can include getting offers live, getting offer approval, or sending offer suggestions. It will also set your next touch point.


This email will be the first ‘service’ email after a business has signed on as a partner with GetintheLoop. In the email, you will include:

  • Dashboard Login link

  • Offer Proofs - you may have received offers passed on from the sales process or perhaps you can find non-exclusive offers the partner is promoting elsewhere. This is an easy way to start them off with 3 to 5 offers live right away.

Schedule your next service touch base with your partner. It is important to take advantage of the ‘honeymoon’ phase. Customize and personalize the welcome email as you see fit.

Subject: Welcome to GetintheLoop

Hi [Name],

Thank you for meeting on [MMM/DD]. I am excited to welcome [Business Name] to GetintheLoop for Business and to work with you to create a successful partnership.  

Dashboard Access

As discussed in our meeting, here is your access to the GetintheLoop dashboard. This is where you can manage up to 5 active offers at once in real time and monitor your GetintheLoop analytics.

To access your dashboard, please click here  [The link you generated to be inserted here]


It is important to have up to 5 offers live. This can include both exclusive or non-exclusive offers, events, or service highlights. The more engaging your offers are, targeting different audiences, the more success you will see.

To help get you ready for launch, I have created offers for [Business Name], that I noticed on [XXXX]. These offers will help get you up and running right away. As we launch, we can incorporate additional offers. I have included suggestions for your review.

Once approved, we can get these ‘live’ right away for you.

Schedule a Meeting

After you have had a chance to access your Dashboard and review your offers + suggestions, I would like to schedule a phone call/meeting [Your Preference] to answer any questions and to discuss next steps.

Are you available MMM/DD at AM/PM  or MM/DD at AM/PM? If not, please let me know the best day and time that works best for you.

Looking forward to working together,


Optional Follow-Up

If a partner has gone cold after your welcome email, it is important to follow-up. Once the sale is closed, you shift focus to retention & finding success for a partner. You can send a follow-up email and let them know you will either call or pop in as desired. Or use this template to reschedule a call. 

Subject: GetintheLoop Follow-up

Hi [NAME],

Hope your day/morning/afternoon is going well [Custom Introduction as you want].

I am excited to work with you and create a successful partnership with [Business Name] and GetintheLoop. Following up on my previous email ‘Welcome to GetintheLoop’ [OR voicemail] have you had a chance to review your GetintheLoop dashboard? 

Is there a better day/time to connect? Does MMM/DD at AM/PM work?

Thank you,


After your first meeting, follow-up with a quick email to note what you talked about and provide any answers you promised. This way, expectations are being acknowledged on both sides. This helps to create a successful partnership. This email is important as it follows up with key takeaways for both you and your partner from your service ‘kick-off’. 

You can include discussion takeaways, next steps, what to expect, resources, and more.

Subject: GetintheLoop Resources & Support

Hi [NAME],

Thank you for taking the time to meet with me/have a call with me [DATE: Today or MM/DD or the other day]. 

As we get [Business Name] launched with GetintheLoop, I wanted to send over some key takeaways from our conversation to highlight our goals and next steps. As discussed,

[OPTIONAL SECTION: Offers]: If you have discussed offers

Your Offers

I have gone ahead and created your X offers. Please find the proofs attached - they will go live [MMDDYYYY]. If anything needs to be edited/correct you can log on to your dashboard and change them directly or let me know.

Resources & Support

GetintheLoop has created resources that you can use at any time. You can access tools online on our support centre [link to http://marketing.getintheloop.ca] or you can access resources and blogs online here [link to https://getintheloop.ca/resources]

Below are tools to help you get familiar with your dashboard for managing your offers.

  • Creating an Offer: Click here [Insert: http://marketing.getintheloop.ca/article/30-build-great-offers] to watch an easy tutorial video on how to create great offers.

  • Images Guidelines: GetintheLoop allows you to visually communicate your offers through great images. Our data shows members engage more with nice images related to your business, which results in more interest and conversions. We prefer no text, clean, visually appealing images that showcase your brand and product.

  • All images can be sent over to myself to be uploaded to your private library.

Watch for our GetintheLoop Staff Training email, to help your staff utilize GetintheLoop for success.

Next Steps

As mentioned, I will follow-up [AS DISCUSSED - This could be for more offers, images, offer approval, or in a few weeks]

Please don’t hesitate to contact me at any time with questions or concerns.

Thank you,