Partner at Risk

Unfortunately, not all businesses who partner with GetintheLoop will find success or be the right fit for the platform. When you actively help them to find the value GetintheLoop provides, you can save the business. In other cases, you may not be able to meet the expectations required to keep them subscribed.

There are a few warning signs a partner may request completion of service with GetintheLoop. When any of these signs are noticed, flag the partner as ‘At Risk’. Begin actively working to reset expectations and help the partner achieve success.

How to identify a partner at risk

  • Not engaged or active

    • Limited in responding, does not reply back to emails, phone calls, etc…

    • Does not take suggestions

    • Offers go stagnant with no rotation

    • Disinterested in GetintheLoop

  • Not seeing the value

    • Actions are high but the partner says no one has redeemed

    • Actions are low, offers are weak

    • Does not understand the value of Reach | Response | Actions

  • Offers

    • Offers do not resonate with members - they are weak

    • Redemption feature is not set up correctly on their end

    • Does not have 5 offers live

What to do about it

Success means different things for each partner, is it important to learn their expectations as soon as possible. Once you understand your partner’s expectations, you can make suggestions based on their goals. Teach partners what success looks like from a reach, response, and action standpoint by reviewing their stats dashboard with them on a regular basis.

Sharing key successes during your touch points, will help the partner understand what is needed to achieve success.