Partner Off Boarding

Not all partners will continue to work with GetintheLoop. Your goal is to complete the campaign as a great experience.

It’s important to understand the GetintheLoop Termination Policy.

Termination Policy

GetintheLoop has a termination policy as follows:

The contract can be terminated at any time with 30 days notice. This means the current month plus one additional month.

Here is an example of a partner timeline for completion:

  • Partner requests completion on October 24

  • Current Month Payment was October 17 (Current Month Payment)

  • Last Payment would be November 17 (Additional Month)

  • Completion Date would be one month after their last payment, December 16

Completion Checklist

During a partner off boarding period (current month + one month), it will be important to maintain the same excellent level of service, always working towards success.

Once a partner has asked for their subscription to be cancelled, it will be important to incorporate immediate steps with your partner.

You will need to set up the following activities in Pipedrive. These may overlay on your regular service activities such as offers and touch points.

  • Service Email: Acknowledge their request or concern immediately. If your partner has requested completion, do not wait, acknowledge this right away.

  • Service Call: Schedule a Completion Call to discuss next steps. Prep for the call by reviewing the GetintheLoop Completion Process.

  • Service Email: Completion - Day 1 - Follow up with key takeaways from the call and next steps. Confirm the contract details and let your partners know what to expect. Use Completion Email Template.

  • Task: Contact your Market Development Manager to arrange cancelling payments with the Finance department at HQ

    • Cancel Financials - Set this task for the day after their last payment will be (in the example above, November 18)

  • Service Email: Completion Date Reminder - 3 Days before Completion Date - This email will serve as a reminder to your partner of their upcoming completion date. You will also include a pdf of their final dashboard stats. This will be your last service touch point with them.

  • Task: Suspend Partner Profile - Completion Date - You must disable the partner in GetintheLoop for Business, denying them access to log in.

  • Task: Completion Note - Completion Date - Make a note in Pipedrive of the reasons why this partner ended their subscription. Any takeaways or learnings from this completion? Anything to improve on?

  • Task: Make yourself a task to touch base with them in a few months.