Partner Spotlight

As you welcome more and more partners, you have the opportunity to highlight the local businesses in your community. Have your partners submit a Partner Profile for publication as a Partner Spotlight on the blog, which in turn can be promoted on your local social media channels.  

It’s a great way to build your local GetintheLoop community, promote the businesses that join, generate sales leads and highlight our partners within the community.

Process of Blogs:

We publish one Partner Spotlight blog per market, per week but first, you’ll need to send a Partner Profile form to your various partners to fill out and submit.

If you have numerous signed partners you could be at a weekly publication schedule. If your market is just starting out but has strong growth - bi-weekly may make more sense.

Given some businesses may not fill out the form, you may want to send out 2-3 Partner Profile forms a week. Be mindful to manage their expectations for publication (first come, first serve).

We also want to make sure each partner who fills out the Partner Profile form has offers live. A Partner Spotlight will not be published until the partner has active offers on GetintheLoop.

Best Practices

Send out the link to the Partner Profile form after you have signed up the partner and they have offers live. We encourage you to send the form to all businesses.

  • Send out at the 1 month mark (or anytime thereafter. Use it as a value add at a later date.

  • Offers need to be live for the Partner Profile Highlight to be published.


If you have a partner that is struggling with seeing success, we can use the Partner Spotlight blog post to help draw attention to their business. It can be a great way to make a partner feel success and appreciated.


Send out the link to the Partner Profile form to a partner who is engaged and active. But first ensure offers are live! Follow-up to ensure they send it back.

It is your responsibility to let your Support Manager know when content has been received. Check to see if content has been received in the ‘Partner Profile Summary’ sheet and let your Support Manager know and to receive a tentative publish date.

If content is not in by 12 pm PST on Thursday, it will likely be delayed a week.

If publication of the Partner Spotlight is urgent, notify your Support Manager.

Once your Partner Spotlight is scheduled, you will receive an email notifying you of the publish date with a link to the blog and an image you can use on your Social Media.

  • It will be up to you to promote the blog post on your social platforms

  • Send the Partner Spotlight link to your Partner and ask them to share on their social platforms

Partner Profile Form

Each local owner has a custom Partner Profile form:

Airdrie -

Calgary -

Calgary 2 (Hope) - 

Calgary NE -

Calgary SE -

Camrose -

Chilliwack -

Cochrane -

Dauphin -

Edmonton 1 Brouillette -

Edmonton 2 Shillington -

Fort Mac -

Halifax -

Halifax 2 (Ahmed/MacLachlan)-

Kamloops -

Kelowna -

Leduc -

Leeds Grenville County -

Lethbridge -

Lloydminster -

Moncton -

Moose Jaw -

North Okanagan -

North York -

Okotoks -

Orangeville -

Parkland County -

Peace Country -

Prince George -

Red Deer -

Regina -

Saanich -

Saskatoon -

Sherwood Park -

South Okanagan -

Squamish -

St. Albert -

Thornhill -

Toronto -

Toronto Kensington -

Vancouver Kitsilano -

Vaughan -

Westshore -

Whistler -

Windsor -

Winnipeg SW -