Pipedrive during Service

Once the partner and staff profiles are set up in GetintheLoop for Business, make sure all tasks and activities are documented in Pipedrive. Using Pipedrive will be your greatest tool to ensure your custom partner plans are set up for success. Managing 3 roles (Sales, Service and Marketing), you will need to prioritize your efforts. It will be important to update each activity with notes as a reminder and to set the appropriate next step.

Organization: It will be important to update the organization sidebar with all the proper information.

Agreement: You will receive a payment confirmation email once the partner has completed online payment and agreement. A copy of the email should be put in Pipedrive.

People: Update all the fields for each person attached to the organization. Make sure to include who your main contact is, who your secondary contact is.

Bcc: Bcc any emails sent to the partner to Pipedrive so that all key touch points are recorded in Pipedrive.

Touch Points: Pipedrive will be your best tool to organize your touch points. Follow the 30 Day Schedule for success!

Service Activities: The first four activity icons are used during the sales process. The remaining activities align with the service touch points.

  • Service - Email: Use this for any email touch points with partners. This will include emails, follow-ups, bright spots, and more.

  • Service - Call: If you have any scheduled or planned calls with partners. Use this activity to make sure you have a time scheduled in your Pipedrive and linked to your calendar.

  • Offer Expiry: Use this activity to remind you of when upcoming offers expire so you can remind partners. Offer to extend on their behalf.

  • Onboarding: This activity is for any task associated with onboarding your partners such as building a partner profile, any notes from the contract, and more. Follow Onboarding Checklist.

  • Task: Any activity such as creating offers, checking online for upcoming events, that does not follow under service activities can go under task.

  • Offboarding: As partners request completion, there are a number of tasks that are associated correctly offboarding a partner. Make sure to set up offboarding tasks by following the Offboarding Checklist and timeline.

  • Drop-In: If you are having a tough time connecting with your partner by email or phone, you may want to drop in. Set this for any escalations or drop-ins you have scheduled for service visits.