How to Use Pipedrive During the Sales Process

Pipedrive is an integral tool in the GetintheLoop business process. It is used to manage sales, service, and ongoing activities.

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There are 4 keys aspects of Pipedrive that you will be working with on a daily basis. Keeping Pipedrive up-to-date and accurate is key to managing your business effectively.

1.   Organization – The Organization tab is the data entry point for all organizational information. It is also the first piece of data input when prospecting a new partner. The key pieces of information that are required are:

  • Name

  • Address (include postal code)

  • Email

  • Phone Number

  • Owner

2.   People – The People tab is used to input personal contact information of people associated with an organization.  There can be multiple people associated with an organization. These contacts are the specific prospects that you are selling to. They are the backbone of the sales process, and any information relating to each contact — like scheduled activities, or emails — will be tracked in the Detail View of that contact. The key pieces of information required are:

  • Name

  • Phone Numbers

  • Email

  • Organization

  • Owner

3.   Deal – The Deal tab is where Deals are created and managed. Under this tab you will see all of your current opportunities and have the option to close or ‘win’ the Deal when it is sold.  Once the “Add Deal” button has been selected, the key piece of information needed is:

·      Deal Value

4.   Activities – Within the Deal or Organization you have the ability to create activities. These are documentation of scheduled types of tasks and information you are gathering throughout your sales and service days. Activities also act as a calendar for planning future follow-up. An activity should be set for any open Deal to outline the next touch point with every partner.

Effectively managing your pipeline is one of the keys to being effective in the GetintheLoop program.

Every Monday, GetintheLoop will host a weekly sales meeting where we will cover off on the effective use of the tools to get the most out of the programs.

Pipedrive has a series of very good videos that are worth taking the time to watch.