Post to Facebook

One of the features GetintheLoop for Business provides is the ability to post offers directly to a partners’ Facebook page. This is a unique feature that allows GetintheLoop to be a ‘one-stop shop’ for offers, experiences, and events partners wish to highlight and share either exclusively with GetintheLoop members or with current customers.

Once offers are live, partners can post the offer to Facebook.

  1. Log into GetintheLoop for Business.

  2. View the offer to be posted to Facebook.

  3. On the top right-hand side, near offer the preview screen.

  4. Click on ‘Post to Facebook Page’; a ‘Create a Post’ pop up will appear with the desired offer.

  5. Choose Page: select the Business Page.

  6. Include a message.

  7. Select the “Post to Facebook” button.

Tip: For newly created offers, wait 10 minutes to use ‘Post to Facebook’ feature.