One of the most effective ways to grow GetintheLoop in your market is to focus on retaining your current partners.

As a franchise owner of GetintheLoop, you should put equal resources and time into retaining current partners as you do to acquire new.

Help your partners meet expectations and to see the value GetintheLoop provides through their successes. Partner servicing is more than answering calls and emails, it's about teaching them to market their business using GetintheLoop by creating an effective strategy for success.

Partner retention is important to a growing company. It measures how successful you are at satisfying partners. Having successful partners results in referrals for more businesses. Warm leads from happy customers result in new revenue and partnerships with new businesses.

Set Expectations Early and Often

Make sure you are continually managing expectations will lead to satisfied partners. Managing expectations leads to trust and open communication. Partners who trust you are open to listening to your recommendations.

Communicate Regularly

Don’t leave a partner in the dark, communicate with them. If you notice a new event, a success, if you have an offer idea or if an offer is expiring, let them know about it and ask for their thoughts. Communication creates an engaging partnership which provides value. If you have an influence on their goals and results, they likely will not churn.

Create a Strategy

Make a timeline and a strategy for your partner. What do their offer changes look like? When would they like to switch up offers? Are they busy? Do they have upcoming events? All of the above can lead to a nice line of communication as well as offer changeover.

  1. If your partner is busy, help by creating more offers for their approval.

  2. Upcoming events? The offers can be scheduled out in advance.

  3. Do they want you to touch base with them every 2 weeks? Every 4 weeks? What is their preferred communication timeline?

Share Successes & Highlight them

It is important to show your partner what success is and how successful they are. Many partners will not have anything to compare success to, except that ‘they aren’t seeing anything’. It is important to get ahead of this and show them what success looks like and the value being provided. It will be important to highlight something at every touch point, whether it’s showcasing an offer that is performing well or highlighting their reach, response, or actions. If they always hear that GetintheLoop is being successful, there will be less opportunity to doubt the platform.

At Risk

If you notice a low performance or engagement, flag the partner as At Risk. Reference the At Risk page for more details.

Ask for Feedback

Your partners will be your best resource for improvement and growth; learn from them.

  1. Ask them why they love GetintheLoop?

  2. Would they recommend GetintheLoop to other businesses?

  3. How has it improved their business?

  4. What would they like to see from GetintheLoop?

  5. Where is room for improvement?

  6. Referrals. Are there any businesses they could introduce you too?