Service Best Practices

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These best practices include tips and tricks for providing the very best guidance to partners.

Email Templates - check out these templates for help when sending touchpoint emails to partners

Image Guidelines - these are the best practices and requirements for images on GetintheLoop

Liquor Laws - When creating offers for partners primarily in the ‘Food + Drink’ loop it is important to align the offers to the liquor laws in the market

Marketing Calendar - download this chart to schedule prep and offers

Offer Best Practices - use these guidelines to create the very best offers possible

Best Practices by Loop - look here for some galleries of offer ideas by Loop!

Experience Offers - are a great way to let GetintheLoop members know about upcoming events.

Limited Use Offers - strong, unique offers that compel a member to physically visit the location and redeem quickly.

Exclusive Offers - these offers are only available through GetintheLoop!

Non-exclusive Offers - if partners already have great experiences, events, services, and offers, why not include them on GetintheLoop?

Partner At Risk - how to identify a partner at risk and what to do once you do

Partner Off Boarding - how to handle it when your partner wants to complete their marketing campaign

Completion Questions & Confirmation - questions to ask your partner about their request to complete their campaign

Partner Onboarding - use this checklist for onboarding your partner to ensure a smooth transition from sales to service

Kickoff Meeting Questions - questions to ask at your very first meeting with your partner

Kickoff Meeting Checklist - download this checklist for your very first meeting with your partner

Post to Facebook - post offers directly to a business Facebook page from GetintheLoop for Business

Retention - one of the most effective ways to grow GetintheLoop in your market is to focus on retaining your current partners

Shopping Centres - this program is an additional marketing initiative provided to retailers by a Shopping Centre

Staff Training - download this zipfile to get the docs to send to Partners as help for training their staff