Shopping Centres - Corporate Best Practices

As GetintheLoop partners with shopping centres across Canada, it will be important to have some key insights on these type of relationships. The program is through the Shopping Centre and not the individual retailers.

The program is an additional marketing initiative provided to retailers by the Shopping Centre. There is no additional cost to the retailers to receive the full service.

The program provides a great way to highlight flash sales, ongoing sales, new arrivals, VIP memberships and so much more.


Retailers in Shopping Centres may be hesitant at first to opt into the program. You may find they will need approval from their head office before they can move forward. You can encourage them to pass along the program information and highlight GetintheLoop is another way to put their offers in front of more shoppers.

These type of corporate relationships are a great way to engage at a larger scale, opening up national opportunities.

Offers + Corporate Retailers

You will come across a variety of different retailers who are corporate, meaning they are not privately owned. Corporate retailers generally will not be able to create exclusive offers, it will be important to work with them on non-exclusive content.

All corporate retailers will generally have weekly promotion turnovers or VIP memberships. It is important to work with the manager or assistant manager to find the best way to stay up to date on the upcoming sales and when they are. Most will have a specific day they will have their flyer turn over or be updated on new sales for the week.

You will touch base with these types of partners regularly, roughly once a week. Their sales are constant.

Key Takeaways with Corporate Retailers

  • Sale/Flyer Turnover Day

  • You will (likely) be controlling their account

  • Keep it seasonally relevant in offer choices

  • Include VIP memberships, appreciation days, flash sales, regular sales, new arrivals