The Sales Role

The unique and important role of sales is to bridge the gap between the potential customer’s needs and what GetintheLoop offers that can fulfil their needs. This includes:

  • Initiate outbound prospecting (cold calls/emails)

  • Networking and business development activities

  • Respond to inbound leads

  • Present the GetintheLoop solution to the marketplace

  • Negotiate and sign partners onto the platform

Selling the GetintheLoop Solution

Rather than jumping straight into the features of GetintheLoop, it's helpful to establish why a business would be interested in investing in a better way of engaging today’s consumer. It’s very important to not be technical, but to speak in the language of your prospect. Simple communication always wins.

When engaging your prospect, it will be important to understand what opportunities for improvement they have in their business.

  • Create more brand awareness

  • Put more customers in seats on a slow day

  • Effectively promote uniqueness in their business

  • Do more real-time marketing to better match their audience’s behaviours

  • Stand out from the competition

  • Promote events

  • Find a more cost-effective channel than radio or print

To effectively communicate the value of GetintheLoop for a business, it's important to explain why GetintheLoop is an effective, modern marketing and promotion strategy for local businesses.

Why Invest in Mobile Marketing?

  • Smartphones are everywhere. Almost all of us have one and these devices are never far from us. People touch their smartphone over 2500 times a day (source: dscount).

  • People are not consuming traditional media the way they used to:

    • They are getting their news from Twitter or Facebook vs the TV.

    • They are streaming TV shows and movies thus eliminating commercials.

    • Subscriptions to print publications and newspapers are rapidly declining as the content is ‘old news’ by the time it’s read.

  • The common element of how people consume news and local information is the device they use. A smartphone is the core connection to this massive shift in behaviour.

  • Technology has a way of shaping our habits and resetting our expectations. We love and have come to expect having information at our fingertips - just a search away.

  • Most online advertising isn't created with the consumer in mind. Instead, it's designed to grab your attention while you’re doing something else; whether reading your favourite website or browsing your social media feed. Even the most sophisticated techniques add a layer of targeting to this process, but the concept remains the same. There's a disconnect between how businesses advertise and how consumers use smartphones.

  • There is a better way - meet GetintheLoop.

How to Describe GetintheLoop

Primary Definition:

GetintheLoop is a better way to promote offers and experiences to local customers. We make it easier for you to attract and retain customers through our local marketing program.

Additional Descriptive Definitions:

  • At a fraction of the cost of traditional media, such as print, radio or television, GetintheLoop is the easiest way to market to today’s consumer.

  • We have created an offers platform that allows you to send offers straight to the mobile phones or our members.

  • Our members have opted in to receive offers and experiences from businesses like yours.

  • Unlike other deal sites you keep 100% of the revenue and you have full control of your timing, messaging, images, and brand.

  • The platform itself is built to be self-serve but you will have the full support from our Account Management team who will make sure you get the most out of GetintheLoop.

  • You control the time and day your promotions are available, allowing you to drive business when you need it most.

  • We have created an easier way for consumers to find local businesses – they have downloaded the app and opted in to receive promotions.

  • We give businesses the tools to create, schedule and publish custom promotions and send them directly to the smartphones of locals who have opted-in to discover cool local businesses.

  • Loop Members redeem offers simply by showing their smartphone screen at your business. No pre-purchasing or printing.

How it Works

GetintheLoop is marketing for the smartphone era. How does it work? We help companies attract and retain customers in three key ways.

We help businesses:

  1. create custom promotions and send them directly to the smartphones of local members.

  2. track results to better understand customer behaviour and how offers perform.

  3. by providing the tools and functionality so the business can become an advanced and smarter marketer.

GetintheLoop Sales Programs - Resonating with Target Businesses

At GetintheLoop, we have developed sales programs to help you sell many types of businesses more effectively. We are continually adding more programs as we work with more partners and can create custom templates for individual franchise owners to target regional programs. You can download them from the Sales Toolkit page. We have sales programs for:

  • Breweries

  • Business Improvement Association

  • Cider

  • Events & Festivals

  • Golf

  • Launch

  • Mall

  • Retail

GetintheLoop Sales Toolkit

GetintheLoop has created a package of sales assets to make your franchise as effective as possible. This includes Cases Studies, Sales Programs, and various prospecting worksheets. You can download them from the Sales Toolkit page.

Managing Objections

We all encounter objections when selling something new. It's our job to empathize rather than get defensive. Think of objections as opportunities to educate prospects on how GetintheLoop differentiates itself from the competition. Your GetintheLoop University training will work through specific scenarios and tactics to turn objections into opportunities.

A few objections you may encounter,

  • "I've never heard of GetintheLoop. How big is the database?"

  • "The price seems steep."

  • "Don't I get this for free with my social media accounts?"

  • "It sounds like a lot of work. I don't have time for this kind of thing."

  • "Is this like Groupon, Island Daily Deals, Rogers Alerts, Mobile Bandit?"

  • "I'm too busy as it is."

  • "We don't discount."

Your Account Manager will provide support and scripts for managing objections you may face in the market.

Closing a Sale - 4 Simple Steps

  1. You have a verbal commitment to proceed with GetintheLoop under our Terms of Service.

  2. You have contact information from the business decision maker and an agreed start date as well as the first offers.

  3. Using your franchise’s custom subscription link, have the partner enter the contact information, credit card information and complete an online approval of our Terms of Service.

  4. The sale is complete once payment confirmation email is received by the partner.