Working with your partners to increase and drive value for them can be viewed in three simple steps.

  1. Engagement: It is easy to sign your deal and interact for the first few days. However, the first step to success is interacting with your partners. Encourage them to change offers, show them success highlights, build a trusting relationship. The more you engage, the more likely they are to engage with the platform.

  2. Offers: While working with your partners, it is important to take note of their upcoming events, in-house specials, and unique experiences. These can easily be created into great offers for GetintheLoop members to discover. When you learn more about your partners, you can use your awareness to influence unique exclusive offers that will drive success. The more offers your partner has active (up to five), the likeliness of success will increase dramatically.

  3. Bright Spots: Partners want to hear about their success. The more you work with a partner to be engaged and have great offers, the easier this becomes. Sharing bright spots is key to influencing the mindset of success. The more your partner hears they are successful (whether it’s reach, response, actions) or an offer is performing really well, the less they will think otherwise.