Touch Point Emails

Touch point emails are a planned series of contacts after the initial kick-off. They are important to maintaining a relationship with the partner. It is important to provide highlights of success and to watch for signs that they may want to end their campaign.

With the following series of ongoing emails, you will direct the partner to the GetintheLoop Event Calendar, e-books and blogs on Aim to schedule a quick 5-minute call to check in.

These touch points are important to manage partner expectations and overall satisfaction.

30 Day Touch Point

The 30 Day touch point is a great time to set expectations going forward, to go over any questions they may have, to review how to use the dashboard, to set a communication schedule, most importantly assess if the partner is a good fit and if there are any troubles.

Ongoing Touch Points

The ongoing touch points look to provide more value now that the partner is comfortable with their dashboards, stats and GetintheLoop.

Note: Every time you connect with a partner, you should be providing the ‘why’. Why are they with GetintheLoop, why are they paying us. We should always give value with every touch point, re-selling and managing expectations with current market comparables.

→ Look to find the number/offer (a value) that provides insight into the service. This will give the partner ‘I am doing good’ thought.

Remember these templates are for you to use and customize as you see fit!

The following are ideas you can use to touch base over a course of a few weeks. Customize your emails by creating and adjusting these templates with bright spots and best practices. This will be dependant on your relationship with your partner.

Subject: Optimizing GetintheLoop: Four Week Connect

Hi [NAME],

Hope your day is off to a great start! [CUSTOMIZE as you see fit]

It has been 4 weeks since you joined GetintheLoop for Business. I wanted to touch on a few key points regarding your success.

Bright Spot

In the last [X Weeks], your promotions have been performing exceptionally well, picking up momentum every week. To review, [BUSINESS] has been seen by [X MEMBERS], leading to [X RESPONSES], and [X ACTIONS]. That means, roughly X actions have been taken to date.

[Insert Screenshot of GetintheLoop Analytics]

Best Practices

Currently, you have [X OFFERS] live. We find the more active you are with updating your offers, the more success you will see. Switching 1 to 2 offers up every 4 to 6 weeks can re-engage potential customers and bringing them back to your business. I have included a few suggestions below that I think would highlight your business extremely well,

Let’s book a quick call to review. Your experience with GetintheLoop for Business is our top priority. I look forward to hearing your thoughts on your first month with us.  

Are you available MMDDYYYY at AM/PM. If this time does not work for you, please let me know the best day and time to connect as I am happy to accommodate.

 I look forward to chatting with you,

Subject: [Month] Touch Base with GetintheLoop

Hi [NAME],

Hope your day is going well! [CUSTOMIZE as you see fit]

I wanted to send you a quick note about your promotions and check in with you about keeping the offers the same or looking to switch 1 to 2 up!

Currently, you have X promotions,


With [Month/Holiday arrival OR offers running for X weeks], I thought this would be an opportune time to highlight or change up 1 to 2 offers.

[Please find a few suggestions below,]

A quick overview of your dashboard from the last 30 days, we definitely see a positive impact on members from your current offers. [Can add in any bright spots]


Let me know your thoughts regarding current promotions. I’m looking forward to connecting soon to discuss your GetintheLoop offers.

Subject: Creating Success with GetintheLoop

Hi [NAME],

Hope your day is going well. [CUSTOMIZE as you see fit]


From your dashboard, you will be able to create your offers and look at [BUSINESS NAME] stats such as demographics of age & gender, and your reach, response, and actions taken. I wanted to share a few successes with you as your offers are performing well!


It is important to know who is interacting with your business, so you can create offers that best resonate with them to take action.

Best Practices & Offers

Now that your offers have been live for some time, we recommend you create 1 or 2 new offers. We find the more active you are with updating your offers, the more success you will see.

Currently, you have X offers live,

I have included a few suggestions below,

A friendly reminder that you can boost each of your offers by sharing on your media platforms. You have access to a ‘Post to Facebook’ option directly from your dashboard. This will allow you to share your offers with current customers in one easy step.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email, call, or text me at any time!


Subject - Offer Expiry - GetintheLoop

Hi [NAME],

Hope your day is going well!

I wanted to touch base with you as your current offer(s) are Expiring as of MMDDYYYY.


I wanted to follow up and confirm a few events to continue running and inquire about upcoming ones! Currently,

While looking at Facebook & Website, I saw some great upcoming events,

Let me know your thoughts on your current offers and upcoming events.

Chat soon,